September 16, 2017


During the Summer holidays we took Eloise to our local Lush and let her choose a few bits, the first one that caught her eye was the Intergalactic bath bomb. She’s has loved the bath bombs since she was a baby, her first ever one being Ickle Baby Bot when she was about 1 year old.
On first sniff it smells quite minty, not overpoweringly so, just a hint. I’m not overly fond on peppermint in general and tend to avoid things with much of a minty scent because it makes me feel sick but I have used this bath bomb before and found the scent quite pleasant. Not my favourite but nice in it’s own way.
I feel it’s quite a fresh, masculine scent. The Lush website likens it to a “hint of 80s aftershave” and although I was merely a separate sperm and egg in the 80s the scent is what I imagine Mr Motivator to have smelled like back then.
It is PACKED with the most beautiful gold glitter which leaves the bathwater a deep, sparkling midnight blue just like a real galaxy so it definitely lives up to it’s name. The colour it leaves has absolutely got to be one of my favourites, the shimmer is just amazing! Eloise’s hair was covered in golden sparkles afterwards and she was so chuffed! Gotta love the Lush glitter.
The fizz is pretty powerful compared to other bath bombs and it doesn’t take long to disappear with a soft crackle of popping candy.
All in all, I’m not a huge fan on the scent (although Eloise loved it) but the colours and glitter are what makes it for me with this one! It’s a beauty!


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  1. Zara says:

    One of my fave Lush bath bombs ever! The colours are just so amazing! <3 lovely review

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