// Crumpet
// Strawberries

// Fresh Orange Juice

Everyone likes crumpets right? She always goes for the berries first though, her favourites being strawberries at the moment. All that on a Paw Patrol plate washed down with some good old proper orange juice straight from the milkman’s float (it’s actually a float, I saw him this morning and the novelty still hasn’t worn off!).


// Grated Cheddar Cheese
// Tortilla Strips
// Guacamole
I thought I’d give her something a little different here, she tolerates avocado, I say tolerates because ever since she’s been eating finger foods all the time it’s been a bit hit and miss as to whether she will eat it or stuff it under her arse. This was a hit and she loved it, not sure the highchair did though.
// Broccoli Cheese

// Ella’s Kitchen Strawberry and Apple Oaty Fingers

Broccoli Cheese has been a firm favourite ever since she started weaning. It’s one of the first meals she tried and it’s a guaranteed winner. She quite likes these Oaty Fingers although they’re not her favourite, she will pick at them but they’re lovely for something quick, easy and healthy all at the same time.




// Nachos
Lily is a huge lover of spice, she can eat hotter food than me and not even wince. These nachos are pretty mild but she loves them! They’re just one of those Old El Paso kits (which are amazing) that cost a couple of quid. They also featured in my Monthly Favourites post last week because they’re so amazing.

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  1. September 5, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    What a great little eater she is. I never tried avacado with alex because I personally don’t like it and have no idea what to do with it lol. His favourite lunch at the moment is toasted tortilla with ham and cheese it is so nice. X

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