// Raspberry Wheats
// Blueberries
// Strawberries

I am loving this new bowl I picked up in TK Maxx! It’s by OXO Tot and is fantastic in general. The lip around the bowl (which helps prevent any spillages) comes off and there is also a lid part that fit between the two pieces. The compartments make it perfect for a fruit and cereal combo!

Lily ate all of the fruit but wasn’t that sure on the cereal at first, she liked them but I think she just liked the fruit more.



// Linda Mccartney Shredded Chicken Wrap with BBQ Seasoning
// Cheese Puffs
// Candyfloss Grapes
// Raisins
Lunch was a wrap with some Linda Mccartney shredded chicken I ordered from Asda (which was one of the only things that wasn’t a complete fuck up). I have tried the duck one before and loved it so I was pretty excited when I found this. It’s really nice too! Even Ben liked it and he moans so much about vegetarian food. I added some BBQ seasoning into it whilst it was cooking and it was lovely! Lily ate bits of it but shoved most of it under her arse because of course the crisps were the best part. She’s been really loving these candyfloss grapes though! I can’t say they taste much like candy floss though, they are a lot sweeter than regular green grapes, they taste more like red ones to be honest.


// Quorn Chicken & Vegetable Pie
// Homemade Chips with Ketchup
I love a good pie, I generally just buy frozen ones and whack them in the oven but I decided to make an effort because to be quite honest, I’m a greedy shit and wanted more than a tiny digestive biscuit sized pie. I made a giant dish sized pie, I have an actual pie dish but I felt that wasn’t big enough haha! To make it all I did was dissolve a chicken stock cube in about a pint of boiling water and heat it over the hob. Put some peas on to cook and added a cup of milk and some flour to the stock and mixed it until it started to bubble. Added in about 300g of Quorn chicken pieces and left to simmer for 12 minutes whilst stirring every so often because I always manage to burn stuff to the bottom of the damn pan. Once it had cooked I whacked on a bit of puff pasty, sprayed it with coconut oil because I had run out of milk and baked in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees.
The home cooked chips I just cut up potatoes, shove them in a bag with some vegetable oil and shake, stick them on a baking tray and leave them in the over for 35-40 minutes. Everyone always loves my chips, even Eloise who is the fussiest fuss pot that ever did fuss. Everyone had seconds including Lily. Why they can’t ask for seconds of stuff that I actually put effort into I don’t know.
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