September 26, 2017




// Organix Raspberry & Banana Muesli
// Blueberries
This muesli from Organix looks so nice! It has little pieces of freeze dried fruit in along with crispy bits making it a bit more interesting. I made it quite a bit thicker than recommended because Lily is a lot older and prefers to be able to pick bits up. She’s kind of getting bored of blueberries lately and they are beginning to get left or just squished about the place. She is preferring things like raspberries and strawberries which is typical really as they’re just going out of season.



// Spinach & Chickpea Falafel and Avocado Wrap
// Asda Sweet Potato & Herb Turtle Puffs
// Raisins

Lily loves tortilla wraps, I think she finds them easier to eat because she seems to like ripping bits off food and eating it that way. The falafels and avocado part she wasn’t so sure on, most was left and/or shoved into the seat of the highchair. Avocado is very hit and miss with Lily as I’ve said before and I think I’m just going to have to accept that I’m the only one in the house who actually likes it.

The little turtle crisps are a hit though of course, Lily is a crisp fiend. I stole a packet and ate them with a Babybel and therefore can confirm that they are good.



// 1/2 Quorn Cheese & Broccoli Escalope
// Cheese & Onion Smash
// Peas

// 1 Slice of Swiss Roll


These Quorn escalopes have been one of my favourites for years now and even Eloise loves them. Lily particularly enjoys picking the crumbs off and then eating all the bits. They take less than 20 minutes in the oven and are great for nights where I can’t be arsed.
Mash I find she leaves unless she has a spoon to eat it with. I do normally make my own mash but this was a mixture of regular Smash and some of the awesome cheese and onion flavour I found, I mix it with butter and grated cheese. Smash is amazing. I have been known to eat bowls of it as a lunch replacer with no shame.
The swiss roll was obviously demolished without a second thought.

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