October 21, 2017



I’ve not had her weighed this month so I’m not 100% sure. I tend to have her weighed every few months these days. 

Clothes Size 

She’s now very much in 9-12, some 6-9 months still fit her but it’s mostly 9-12 now with a few 12-18 jumpers.


Cutting down on the breastfeeding has gone totally out of the window this month as we have all had cold after cold after cold and she’s just wanted to feed loads which has been hard but sometimes it’s the only thing that will calm her down.


Food is another things that’s packed up and fucked off out the window due to snot and coughs. She enjoyed a whole poppadom the other day though which she loved, normally I break them up for her so having a whole one was quite the novelty in Lily world. She’s also quite liking crackers particularly the Tuc ones, she will nibble away on them quite happily.


We now have 4 teeth cutting at once and we DEFINITELY know about it. 


Sleep has not only gone out the window, it’s packed its bags and fucked off to another universe. What with being ill and teething she has been feeding like a newborn all month and I’ve had the flu so it’s basically been hell. I’ve been ill for over a month which I’m sure is down to not getting any bloody sleep. The cot hasn’t made a difference really but I’ve started putting her in it with a quilt int he hope that she won’t wake up because she’s cold as she has a deep hatred for blankets and kicks them off so I am hoping the quilt will 1. be harder to kick off and 2. it is slightly heavier so I’m hoping that will some how help. Fuck knows how much I’m hoping anyway.
We finally have some words! I wrote a blog post earlier in the month of the words Lily can say (read here) and since then she has said loads more. Her voice is little and whispery but they are words and I’m so proud and relieved.

She can also knows and can point to various body parts. Mainly head, shoulders, knees and toes but also nose and eyes. Good old nursery rhymes. 


We have entered the Peppa Pig stage. Or “ig” as Lily calls it. 

She loves any and all animals, she will point at every dog and tell them they’re an “og” and wants to know what each and every creature is. 
Colouring in animals in books. I will never be able to sell or donate her books because there are tiny scribbles in every single one pretty much!
Cats. She gets so excited by cats. Cats in real life, cat toys, cats in videos or on TV. Cats cats cats. Particularly *this video* of some cats with a lobster and a fish in a bowl.

Duplo. She loves building super tall towers and lining the bricks up. 

Her little shopping basket we got from The Entertainer. She loves putting it on her head haha!

Her ride on toys, she’s now finally tall enough to properly be able to scoot about and she loves it!

Walking outside. 

Cat videos on YouTube. She will laugh her little head off just watching cats follow each other.

touching her feet or anything touching her feet in general.
Having her eyes cleaned. She has conjunctivitis at the moment and literally hates me whenever I need to wash her eyes.
YouTube adverts. Literally fucks her off so much, how dare anything come between her and Pingu time. 
How am I feeling?

Apart from being ill for the past month I’ve been feeling alright. The breastfeeding aversion has been strong again lately and I’ve been struggling quite badly with negative thoughts about feeding but I kind of expected it seeing as Lily is pretty much attached to a boob 80% of the time. There are points where I would rather chop my own tit off than feed her which then gives me all the Mum guilt in the history of Mum guilt ever. I don’t enjoy breastfeeding at all but realistically at the moment, I’d get even less sleep if I didn’t because she point blank won’t settle at night properly for Ben. I do want to stop soon though so we will have to see how it goes I guess. 

Catch up with her other updates here.

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