October 5, 2017


Lime Crime Polly is a deep pinky purple that’s not too in your face while still bold enough to make a statement. This shade is perfect for Autumn. These Velvetines live up to their name with their velvety texture, I have never known a liquid lipstick with quite the same texture as these.

It’s quite watery (although not so much so that it’s drippy) compared to other thicker, stickier liquid lipsticks I’ve tried before and once you get used to it the consistency is so nice to work with. It gives a beautifully strong colour on the first glide and I basically love everything about the application.

No need for a liner as this doesn’t bleed at all. It claims to not transfer at all but I have found it does transfer but it is very minimal but you will more than likely need to touch it up a bit after eating which is a bit of a ball ache as anything matte is a bugger to touch up which is it’s only downside. I find most matte lip products go thick, flaky and a bit gross looking once they’ve been touched up which these do have a habit of doing. That being said it needs touching up a lot less than a regular lipstick and it really does stay put in most places that food doesn’t touch.

I think, as I mentioned in my first blog post about these, that your best bet is re applying completely which is a bit annoying because it’s pretty hard to get off! I have been able to get away with just re applying to the inner parts of my lips after eating and got away with it but it still made it feel a bit thick and crumbly for my liking. It looked alright though!

Now for the removal part, these are bloody difficult to get off! You will definitely need an oil based make up remover of some sort or coconut oil to get this off without having to scrub your lips. These have the best staying power I’ve ever come across in a lipstick!

This is my new favourite lip colour and it goes fantastically well with all the pretty autumnal shades like mustard, navy and burgundy. I find it quite hard to find a darker lip colour that doesn’t end up making me look like the undead with my deathly pale complexion but I love this shade! It’s definitely one to go for to break your Lime Crime virginity.

L-R Cupid, True Love, Saint, Polly


It costs just over £15 from the Lime Crime website but you can get it over here on various websites I just bought directly because they were having an amazing sale at the time!


  1. This is such a gorgeous shade. I haven't used any lip products from Lime Crime before but I'm so tempted to try and get my hands on this. x

    Jordan Alice

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