October 28, 2017


I have wanted to try one of the Lush Jelly Bath Bombs for ages and what better than a spooky, Halloween themed one, so I went with Ectoplasm. I sent Ben out to get it and I sat excited about the jelly possibilities and general awesomeness that must come with a jelly bath bomb.

It had a very subtle citrus scent, a lot softer than most both bombs which tend to have a very strong aroma about them so I thought, okay, maybe the scent will pick up when it’s wet. It’s not my favourite scent, although it did become more noticeable once in the water but it was a bit eh. I chucked it and it sort of farted a bit and then oozed for what seemed like 500 years.

I have to be honest, it was more disappointing than when McDonald’s forget to put in the sauces with your fries. The fizz doesn’t really fizz, it’s more of an ooze. The pale coloured ghosts and dots turn a fluorescent yellow which looked kind of cool until the surrounding water started looking like when someone has a sneaky piss in a swimming pool. It just sort of floats there, oozing and bubbling.

I took it out and sort of squashed it a bit because to be perfectly honest, I got fucking bored. It was like picking up a slimy turd. The jelly glop wouldn’t wash off my hand and stuck itself under my fingernails so much I contemplated chopping them off.

At this point I was thinking “well fuck putting my body in that” but of course Eloise was fascinated and was LOVING the grossness so in she jumped. She had gross globs of purple stuck to her, splashing around with me shouting “don’t get it in your hair whatever you do!” at her every 3 seconds. She didn’t want to get out. 10/10 from her.

After the bloody thing finally dissolved, it left the bath looking like a brown, gloopy, mess. Slightly like puke but certainly not like ectoplasm. It looked more like an alien had sharted in the bath.

So in conclusion, it’s more of a kids one I reckon. I don’t know an adult who would find sitting in that relaxing and I shudder just thinking about the texture. Sorry Lush!


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