This is only a mini haul, I feed her more than carrots and rice obviously but whenever I find new food I get ridiculously excited because, well…food. I had been looking for these little packs of rice for ages but found them in Morrisons on offer for £1 so that was a double win. Since she started cutting another 4 (yes, 4) teeth at once, Lily’s been very picky with her food and only really eats shite these days.

I have been searching for food that I can pass off as non healthy and/or that is so cool looking so the girls can’t help but want to eat it.

Rainbow Carrots

Not much to say about these other than they are rainbow. I got some rainbow cauliflower for M&S not long ago and the novelty wasn’t lost on me. I find Morrisons do quite a few interesting looking vegetables and really cute little munchkin pumpkins at the moment but rainbow vegetables 100% do it for me. They also had purple potatoes!

Napolina Red Lentil Penne

My kids are basically pasta fiends! Pasta Bake, Pasta with cheese, Macaroni Cheese, Spaghetti Bolognese, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Pasta with sauce, Pasta Salad, Pasta with Pasta. They would live on pasta if I let them, especially Eloise. I also picked this up in Morrisons and I’m hoping to be able to pass it off as regular pasta to make the meals just that little bit healthier.

Tilda Kids Rice Pouches

As these were on offer, I had to by several. It’s the law. I got Sunshine Vegetable, Vegetable & Wholegrain and Cheese & Tomato, all except the cheese and tomato are gluten free and dairy free. They also do a curry one which looked nice too and I will be grabbing that too next time. These make for super quick meals because you can literally just stick them in a microwave, they’re also smaller than your normal rice pouches which means less food to pick up off the floor! Yay!



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