October 26, 2017



Another month another Pink Parcel. I seem to be way off on my cycle these days because they never arrive at the right time anymore (my period AND my Pink Parcel). I need to shake up the dates I think! Can we also just take a moment of appreciation to whoever packs the little boxes up because the products are always arranged in such a neat, satisfying way. It’s like Tetris with make up! So a shout out to whoever packs these beauties up!

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait

I love the packaging on this one, the lipstick case is cardboard so much more eco friendly than your regular lippy. I got the shade Exotic Fruits which is a very light nude. Probably a bit too light for me as the colour is quite strong but with a bit of lip gloss it’ll be nice.

The formula is so creamy and lovely though!

Urban Veda Facial Wash

I got the Daily Purifying Facial Wash which is a combination of wild mint, eucalyptus and witch hazel to help sort out problem skin. This smells kind of like Olbas Oil and I so wish I had this when I was suffering from sinusitis earlier this month!

It left my skin feeling super clean but not tight at all which is a problem I normally face with purifying skincare. So far I love it!

T+ Teabag

Green tea with added vitamins in a tiny pink packet? Yes please. I love cute little teas, I need to get a little pot for all of my pretty, fancy teas because our cupboard is literally so messy it’s not even funny! This one is a blend of green tea, raspberry and pomegranate with a nice sprinkling of vitamin B!

Cougar Mineral Eyeshadow

I will start by saying I love the colour, but I hate the packaging. These little shaker pots for eyeshadow just don’t do it for me at all! I find them so hard to actually get the product out of without getting it absolutely bloody everywhere.

I also have no idea what shade this is, I may be just being thick but I can’t seem to find the name anywhere on the pot!?

Blank Canvas Face Brush

Hold your horses, sit down and put down your mugs because this is is probably one of the softest brushes I ever did touch. It’s worth £14.81 alone so that in itself is more than the entire box which is something I love about Pink Parcel; you always get your moneys worth!

The bristles are anti bacterial which is something that stood out to me being the massive germophobe that I am. This face brush can be used with wet or dry products and will distribute your foundation perfectly across your beautiful, beautiful face.

Raw Halo Chocolate Bar

You can’t lose with chocolate can you, really?! I got Mylk + Pink Himalayan Salt which sounds oh so indulgent. The packaging is also right up my street!

This chocolate is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan friendly and is made using the finest organic cacao from Peru and cashew nuts which are sweetened with vanilla and coconut sugar.

MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush

I could touch this forever! It is so unbelievably soft and pillowy and I have never stuck my finger in anything so amazing.

The colour I got is called Hedonic which is quite a bright, candy pink so I’m not sure how much wear I will get out of it but the formula alone makes me want to buy more and with a tiny £3 price tag that’s totally doable!

I really loved this months box! My favourites have to be the Raw Halo chocolate and the Urban Veda face wash! I am yet to try the Blank Canvas brush but I can see it being a future favourite.

P.S Check your boobs!

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