Inspired by Emily’s post about spending time as a family, I decided to make some time for some much needed family time! Something I’ve noticed, especially since becoming a family of 4 is that despite the fact we are all together most of the time we actually spend very little time as a family. We are even in the same room  90% of the time but chances are we are all doing our own thing; Ben will be doing game related stuff, I will be Mumming about or blogging, Eloise will be playing games and Lily will be, well, doing Lily stuff. I think when you’re busy with running a house, business, looking after kids, whatever, on little to fuck all sleep your priorities end up being about staying upright rather than spending quality time with your family. It becomes about the motions of everyday life and less about quality time and sometimes it’s totally fine to do your own thing together, but taking time out from life and putting time into each other is more important than the dust on the picture frames or the recycling bin.

So this half term I have been putting a lot more effort to actually do things as a family.
Curry Night


Normally I dish up food in the kitchen and we will eat together anyway, Eloise will occasionally eat in her room but most of the time we all end up in the same room, sat together.  I normally have to cook slightly different things for everyone but today I decided to mix it up a bit and make things more fun and serve it on the coffee table in front of the fireplace. I normally make a Tikka Masala but it’s too spicy for Eloise so I opted for Butter Chicken so we could all have the same thing and she liked it! Sounds pretty boring but we were all eating together, enjoying a meal (which was the same for everyone) as a family. I think sometimes quality time really just boils down to the simple things in life.

National Trust Packwood House  

We have had a membership to The National Trust for a little over a year now and it’s one of the best things we have ever bought. We hadn’t used it in a while and have hardly left the house in a month due to cold after cold after flu so it was about time we all got out and breathed fresh air. I have been to Packwood before with my Grandparents but I was pretty young so didn’t really remember it but it was nice to take the girls when all the pumpkins were out! They have a cute little pumpkin patch with sunflowers which were unfortunately a bit over now but beautiful all the same. Lily absolutely loved running around the kitchen garden and Eloise enjoyed exploring the house.

Pumpkin Carving 

Can’t really go wrong with a couple of pumpkins from Morrisons! haha. Eloise designed this Frankenstein pumpkin and I think she did fantastically well! I did most of the stabby things but she scooped the guts out and the design is exactly how she drew it. Lily enjoyed helping by trying to grab the pumpkin tools, mainly the sharp ones, obviously. We also cracked out the decorations we used for Eloise’s surprise Halloween Family Disco that we threw for her after school last year. We haven’t put them all up yet because quite frankly,  cleaning up pumpkin goo knackered me out.

Halloween Filmathon

Me and Eloise had a mini filmathon on Sunday, which was sadly the last day of half term! Major sad face there. Lily an Ben were invited but they didn’t appreciate the glory of Hocus Pocus. Considering disowning them because let’s face it, Hocus Pocus is WAY up there in the best Halloween films of all time. Eloise had always loved this film and sat there with her popcorn for the entire duration. I love that now she’s older she will actually sit and watch something without losing interest after 0.5 seconds.


“Time spent with family 
is time well spent.”

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