October 22, 2017


I discovered this #littleloves linky a while ago and it has sat in my drafts for forever and I thought it was about time I actually posted it. I really love this idea and I think it’s always a good thing to reflect on the little things you’ve loved throughout the week because all too often they get forgotten or overshadowed by the mundane, everyday bullshit. 

Here are mine:

I’ve been really loving these blogs this week:


The Mist! I’ve been hooked on Jane The Virgin for a while now and fancied a change and this was the first thing Netflix suggested and it didn’t disappoint! I actually spent all day binge watching the first season and it’s amazing! It’s based on the book by Stephen King and looking online it didn’t get a very good review but I loved it!

Technically I made this a while ago now but it’s only just started getting cold enough for Lily to wear hats, much to her displeasure. This little bunny hat is the first thing I have crocheted since fucking up my wrist back in April. I’m really pleased with how it turned out considering I wasn’t working from a pattern. I lined the inside of the ears with Liberty of London fabric which I think is so pretty. Quite proud of this one.

Technically not something I wore but there little Kickers are so cute! I had been on the hunt for decent shoes for Lily for a while, we got Clarks at first but the fit wasn’t great and she couldn’t walk properly in them so after much thought we went for Kickers. They are the first pair of shoes that she has walked outside confidently in and they were also recommended by the physiotherapist for her bendy ankles and they seem to be helping so I’m really pleased with them!

Storm Brian is currently shaking the place up where I am as I’m writing this. There is something about the rain that calms my soul. Although, my love for storms is very much a love hate one, I love the beauty of nature but the destruction that comes hand in hand with Mother Nature is just awful.

We had a family day out to Packwood House on Friday to get the autumnal vibes going with their pumpkin patch. We had a little photography session with the kids which was challenging to say the least haha. Me and Ben studied media and photograph together at college and it’s quite rare these days that we both get out cameras out at the same time but it was so nice to whack up the nostalgia by taking the cameras out along with the bustle of switching up lenses. Saying that though, taking photos of a running toddler with a camera that doesn’t auto focus is a bitch.

So that’s my #littleloves for this week! If you want to join in then click on the link below for all you need to know <3

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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