October 16, 2017


The main reason I bought this little cat is because it shares the same scent as the discontinued Blackberry Bath Bomb?! I absolutely bloody adored the scent so when I found out about this I was pretty damn excited. Not only that, but it is also cat shaped which makes it an instant winner anyway. Although I felt pretty mean breaking off an ear.

This little cat transforms your bath water into an eerie abyss. Much like my soul. I’d have liked a bit more of sparkle but we can’t have it all. I think if you used the entire thing you’d be able to see the shimmer but with the bit I used I couldn’t tell.

The scent is amazing, very unisex I’d say with its fruitiness and woodiness in equal measure. I find bubble bars the best value for money in Lush. You can get a good 4 baths out of most bubble bars if you want to be as tight as I am. Or you could chuck the entire thing in but unless you have a huge bath the bubbles are going to overflow like mad! I used an ear and the bubbles were nearly overflowing, I love bubble bars for this reason. So. Many. Bubbles.

As always, the water and bubbles are so creamy and moisturising although I’d buy this for the scent alone. Now they just need to do something with the Space Girl scent *hint hint*.

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