The king of all pumps; Lush Pumpkin is what October baths are all about for me. This little guy is scented with spicy cinnamon and sweet vanilla goodness with a hint of orangeade?! All of those make for an amazing smelling bathroom! Like an autumnal bakery! Out of all the Halloween collection, this guy was the one I was most excited for.

He may not look as sparkly or as interesting as other bath bombs, but he makes up for that in every other way. This one is rather a fast fizzer, my one even more so as he was a little bit on the crumbly side so was probably a bit faster than the less geriatric pumpkins, but it was pretty short lived all the same.

It leaves the water a beautifully bright orange, kind of like you’re bathing in a giant vat of Fanta, nothing special at first glance but don’t judge a book (or a bath bomb), by its cover. The water it leaves is so beautifully moisturising and this is by far my favourite out of the Halloween collection!

This pumpkin king costs £4.25.


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