October 7, 2017


It’s the Autumn term and the kids are back at school which only mean one thing: GERMS, and lots of them. Colds and flu galore. We are hardly a month in and Eloise has already got her second cold, which she very kindly shared with everyone and I now have sinusitis which is making my entire face hurt a ridiculous amount. Cold suck basically.

I’ve put together a list of bits and bobs I dig out whenever someone in the house has the sniffles:


Not to be confused with regular Olbas Oil. This is our holy grail product when it comes to little snotty noses. The scent is strong and rips through the snot like no other despite being the childrens version. I kind of hate the smell of it on a tissue but needs must.


Calpol is our go to medicine; teething? Calpol. Temperature? Calpol. Aches and pains? Calpol. Neurofen is only ever cracked open in this house for hardcore stuff that Calpol can’t handle on it’s own. I generally find Calpol starts to reduce the fever within the first 15 minutes and lasts about 4-5 hours depending on the virus. I would say wait at least 30 minutes before re-checking unlike me who checks every 5 sodding minutes whilst driving myself crazy with worry.


I’m an obsessive temperature taker to the extent my kids frigging hate me and literally run away or sigh heavily whenever I’ve got the thermometer out. We have a Braun Thermoscan ear jobby. I went with Braun because that’s the brand they use in hospitals and if it’s good enough for the NHS then it’s good enough for me. I find it more accurate than the 5000 other ones I’ve tried. The kids just hate having their temperatures taken.


A warm hug in the shape of a cute animal! So far I’ve used this for hypermobility aches and pains, toothache and general warming and it’s bloody brilliant! It has a velcro strap which makes it super easy for attaching around waists, heads and limbs and has a relaxing lavender scent. All you do it microwave the little bag inside for 30 seconds and you’re good to go! Lily is also in love with it because it’s a cat and that’s one of the only words she can say confidently. I currently have sinusitis and this is the only thing keeping me from ripping my face off.


These are basically super gentle wet wipes for noses. No one wants to be using a regular tissue on a tiny nose so these are tiny little saviours for sore little noses. I find them much more gentle than normal wet wipes, they contain aloe vera and chamomile to soothe as well as clean away the snot.


With Eloise especially I find her lips get very chapped when she’s sniffing and coughing a lot so we always have a tube of lip balm on hand for her to use. With babies a bit of nipple cream would be a better option than EOS lip balms and Chapstick hah.


Same idea as the Olbas Oil but you plug it into the mains and let it work it’s magic. I know many people who swear by these! It also has a nightlight which is light sensitive so will come on as the room darkens and it can be left on for up to 16 hours. I find the scent not quite as strong as Olbas Oil which might suit some people a lot better.


This is Lily’s, she’s not old enough for Vicks yet and this is specifically for babies and younger children over the age of 3 month. You can get it in various forms but we have the ointment version which comes in a cute little retro style tub. I’m a sucker for cute retro things and packaging so this makes me happy inside which is actually quite sad but I’m owning it.


I use this on Eloise’s feet at night then cover with socks if she’s really suffering with a stuffy nose or cough and it seems to help her a lot. Vicks is not suitable for under 2’s though.


This is a menthol bubble bath that will help decongest them whilst in the bath and I find that with the added steam really helps. I have also been known to pinch this when I’m bunged up.

**Always check labels before giving to your baby.
*PR sample

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