On Friday we went on an impromptu visit to The National Trust Packwood House which is slap bang in the Midlands near Lapworth. 

I had visited before with my Grandparents as a child but I can’t remember what day it is these days let alone something that happened 15 odd years ago. Anyway, off we went, armed with various cameras and various lenses to take some pretty autumnal photographs. Naturally I got landed with my Canon which has a knackered auto focus and let me tell you, manually focusing on a feral toddler is hard.

I love our National Trust Membership, it’s probably one of the best things we have ever bought! For £9 a month we can visit any property we like. They hold various activities for children over the course of the year including Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Trails and the likes! There are lovely little cafes on site and they make for fantastic days out at any time of the year.


Lily thoroughly enjoyed the kitchen garden which is quite like a maze of beautiful flowers and pumpkins at this time of year. She has a whale of a time making me chance after her as she legged it towards steps and attempted to climb over bushes. She had a good long look at the “kins” in their little pumpkin patch which had the cutest little wheelbarrow full of fancy pumpkins surrounded by sunflowers which had just gone over which was a shame. They also had a beautiful display of munchkin pumpkins which she was fascinated by and it took great effort on my part to stop her grabbing every single one off the neatly arranged shelf and generally being a heathen.

If you are planning to visit I would recommend not bringing the pushchair and dig out a sling instead. In fact I’d recommend doing that with any of the National Trust properties actually because it just makes it a whole lot easier to get around and you won’t miss out on the off road bits and bobs. Not only that but pushing a pram on grass or stones is bloody difficult at the best of times. My legs ACHED the next day! I do normally take Lily in the Connecta but as this visit was very last minute I wasn’t prepared at all haha.

We decided that because we had the pushchair, that Ben and Eloise would go Dalmation hunting around the house, and me and Lily would go off exploring the grounds. Obviously this ended up in us losing each other and also losing signal so that was super fun haha. The grounds were beautifully scattered with autumn leaves which the girls loved walking through them and kicking them about.

I shall leave it here with a little vlog of the days antics.

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