October 3, 2017




// Ella’s Kitchen Wakey Wakey Round Ones with Milk
// Strawberries & Raspberries
// 1/2 Chocolate Twist

Lily loves this cereal with milk, I tried them without at first as she normally prefers dry cereal and she wasn’t keen but they’re winners with milk. She ate all of the berries but only picked at the chocolate twist which surprised me really. I mean, I know which bit I’d be eating first! Hah. She sort of squished it about and ate the middle leaving the bare bones of possibly the best pastry ever just lying there. Monster.



// Smashed Avocado on Toasted Sunflower Seeded Rye Bread
// Annabel Karmel Spinach & Cheese Rice Cakes
// Sweet Potato Crisps
// Gouda Cheese Coins
//Lebkutchen Heart Biscuit

// Yoghurt Coated Strawberry
// Innocent Smoothie

Lily actually scraped off the avocado and ate most of it this time, she drank the smoothie and ate the biscuit but left most of everything else. I’m trying to get her to eat cheese so I made it more interesting by using a piping nozzle to cut it into coin shapes and she did eat some but the majority was nibbled and then squished.



// Smoky BBQ Quorn Fajitas
I bloody love these Old El Paso kits! Interesting, semi healthy meals with sod all effort is my thing. Lily wasn’t so keen on these though, she only picked at the filling but she ate the tortilla wrap so there’s that I guess. I find she likes the spicier versions more than the milder, BBQ flavours. I use Quorn most of the time rather than chicken because I have an irrational phobia of touching meat.
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