October 17, 2017


// Boiled Egg & Wholemeal Soldiers
This breakfast was requested by Eloise who loves eggs. Lily on the other hand still isn’t sure. I’ve only given her boiled egg a few times so there is time for her to decide she likes them but at the moment they get poked around quite a bit and only minimal bits actually get as far as her mouth.


// Shredded Hoisin Duck Wrap
I bloody love this stuff. It’s not real meat, I’ve never actually had actual duck so can’t comment on it’s likeness but it’s bloody nice. Lily likes it and even Ben the vegetarian food hater liked it. They also do a shredded chicken version which is nice too! I add all sorts of different flavours to that one like, tikka masala, BBQ, basically any random spices you like.



// Rainbow Cauliflower Cheese
I picked up some yellow sticker rainbow cauliflower from M&S because I am a sucker for anything rainbow and I have never seen a vegetable as beautiful. I wouldn’t say it was particularly a rainbow, they were purple and yellow but it made for a fun dinner. Anything with cheese is a winner in this house, especially with Lily.
Lily does also have a snack which usually consists of baby crisps, raisins, fresh or dried fruit, yoghurts, that kind of thing although since she’s had this cold she’s been very picky over everything. She’s also cutting 4 teeth so that probably contributes to the fussiness too. I always forget to photograph her snacks, normally because she’s hangry haha. I will try and remember next week!

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