October 24, 2017




// Toast
// Raisin, Cranberry and White Chocolate
// Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie
Today’s What My Toddler Ate post is being kicked off with some good old toast. I had to make this under the grill because our toaster decided to die midway through toasting a hot cross bun. She left the toast, most likely because she knew it took great effort on my part to make. The raisins, cranberry and white chocolate are a Whitworths Berry & white chocolate shot which cost 50p from Tesco. I find these a great way of making breakfast more interesting and normally add them on the top of cereal. The only effort involved was tipping them out of the packet which of course meant that Lily ate them all.



// Pizza Wrap
// Quorn Chicken Tikka Strips
// Dino Cheese
// Strawberries
The pizza wrap is basically tomatoes and cheese in a wrap. I called it a pizza wrap to get Eloise to eat it haha!
The Quorn tikka strips I made, I love the ready made ones they do, but my local supermarkets never have them in stock so I just put the plain roasted Quorn fillet strips in a bag and shook them about with some tikka masala spices.
These dino cheeses are so cute and only about a quid from Tesco. Lily loves stabbing them with her finger before eating them….*ahem*.




// Quorn Tikka Masala Curry
// Garlic & Coriander Naan Bread
// Poppadoms
Curry is always a winner, unless you’re Eloise. Although last week I made a Butter Chicken curry which she actually ate so there is hope! Everyone else prefers a curry with at least a little bit of kick and a tikka is normally as mild as we go but Lily appears to like spicier ones and Eloise likes the mildest of the mild which just has to be the way doesn’t it. Lily is a poppadom fiend, since her teeth have been coming in again she’s been ridiculously fussy so pretty much all she ate was the poppadom and a bit of the curry. Teething is the pits.
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