// Raspberry Wheats soaked in milk
// Strawberries

I tried a new approach with the raspberry wheats and soaked them prior to giving them to her to avoid the inevitable spilling of the milk EVERYWHERE. She loves strawberries at the moment and they have replaced blueberries completely which kept getting discarded to the floor and general surrounding area.



// Wholemeal Pitta Bread Cheese & Tomato Pizza
// Cottage Cheese
// Cucumber
// Red Pepper Hummus


She ate the cottage cheese and practically licked the hummus. The pitta pizza was left untouched and Eloise told me she didn’t like the bread. HOW DO THEY KNOW? How can they tell it’s wholemeal? It’s covered in cheese and I made sure to ensure no healthiness was obvious?!

Cucumber also wasn’t touched. Her teeth are just breaking beginning to break the surface this week so Lily has been next level picky.



// Hasselback Potatos with Laughing Cow Cheese, Herbs and Spring Onion
// Cottage Cheese
// Roasted Sprouts
// 1/4 Onion Bhaji Burger

// 1/4 Mexican Bean Burger

I gave her cottage cheese again because it’s all she finishes at the moment, the potato got poked at and so did the burgers. Both burgers are from Tesco, the Onion Bhaji ones I’ve been trying to get hold of for a while but they were always unavailable on the delivery day and were substituted but I finally got some. They are pretty good! The Mexican bean burgers have considerably more kick and Lily picked at this one a bit more. The sprouts were left to die alone.

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  1. Agness of Run Agness Run
    November 10, 2017 / 11:14 am

    Hey, Gee! These are some amazingly healthy food choices which I would be able to eat, too! Well done!

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