November 27, 2017


There has been a lot of talk about advent calendars across social media lately, mainly Zoella’s but let’s not talk about that one. Here we have a HUGE personalised photo advent calendar from Fotoinsight! I’m a sucker for personalised things and this is something I’d never come across before and I’m excited! 

I always find it so hard finding a slightly more “grown up” calendar for Ben that isn’t boring and isn’t covered in Santas, reindeers, and festive Peppa Pig. This is the XXL Photo Advent Calendar* from Fotoinsight is great for those looking to spend a more on a luxurious calendar with a personal touch. It costs £29.99 and is filled with 24 Ferrero Rocher and Raffello chocolates which was enough for me if I’m totally honest. That and the fact it has my beautiful Eloise on the front which she was very excited about and has asked me everyday since it was delivered if it’s advent yet haha!

The XXL calendars rock in at 48×36×3.5 cm which is the prefect size to hang on the wall and with a festive themed personalised photograph, it makes for a beautiful addition to your Christmas home decor. There are a wide range of border choices, clipart and the option to add your own text so it really is about as personalised as you can get! There are also smaller versions by Kinder too filled with the Bon Bons (which are also amazing!), Kinder Bueno and Kinder Country priced from £18.99.

These would also be great to let the kids go wild designing some Christmassy artwork, scan it in and have their wonderful creations on the front if a photograph isn’t your thing. There are many possibilities and the opportunity to get creative!

December 1st can’t come quick enough!


*This post features samples but all opinions are, as always, my own.

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