Everybody knows that being the owner of a toddler means that available time for cooking meals is reduced considerably which makes cooking healthy, well balanced meals even harder let alone healthy snacks. Fear not, fellow Mums for if you own a toddler and a combination microwave oven by Panasonic you too can create healthy, Pinterest worthy snacks for your smalls, with minimal effort.

Now I hear you, “how the hell do you make healthy snack in a microwave?!”, I know, I know, when I used to think of a microwave I always thought of ready meals and reheating last nights pizza but since having kids and needing to be creative in order to feed them things other than cheesy puffs and chocolate bars (which is all mine would eat given half a chance).

Since starting up my What My Toddler Ate Tuesday blog series and the @whatlilyeats Instagram I have been getting more and more creative in even my sleep deprived state so here I have compiled my favourite three recipes for healthy, microwave snacks for kids:

Fruity Breakfast Crumble

This is a firm favourite of mine, you can pack in a large variety of fruit and some oats for slow release energy in a super easy, minimal effort way. Triple win!

For this you need:

+ Porridge Oats


+Fruit (berries work best, I used strawberries, raspberries and blueberries here)

+ Sugar (optional)

This one is probably the easiest of the three, all you need to do is microwave the chopped fruit with a drop of water for 30 seconds, then microwave the oats and milk and transfer both into a bowl or ramekin. It’s that easy! Totally Pinterest worthy.

Root Vegetable Crisps


These are really simple to make and they’re healthy too so that’s a massive bonus! I have used Sweet Potato, Carrot and Parsnip but things like Turnip, Swede, White Potatoes, Beetroot, Butternut Squash, etc will work too creating a much healthier alternative to your plain Jane crisps and giving you the option to add whatever flavour you fancy.

All you need is:

+ Sweet Potato

+ Parsnip

+ Carrot

To make these all you have to do with thinly slice some root vegetables, cover them in olive oil, places them on a microwave proof plate and let the microwave do it’s thing! They take about 5 minutes depending on how many you put in at a time and what setting your microwave is at.

These are bloody wonderful dipped in houmous or any dip you fancy really!

Porridge Biscuits 

These are a hit with even my fussiest eater and so easy to make!

All you need for these is:

+ Porridge Oats

+ Milk

+ Chocolate Buttons

Make the porridge as you would normally in the microwave (add the oats and enough milk to cover them in a bowl and blitz in the microwave until it’s your desired consistency)

Spoon the mix onto a plate and shape into round, biscuit shapes.

Microwave for a couple of minutes to dry the oats out.

Top with a chocolate button and leave to cool a bit before giving them to your baby

That’s it! Porridge is normally shunned like the plague by my eldest but she ate four of these this morning and if chocolate isn’t your thing then you can mi some fruit into the porridge mix before microwaving to make fruity biscuits instead! The options for flavour combinations are endless.



  1. December 13, 2017 / 3:10 pm

    Awesome idea right there. It saves time and at the same the snacks are nutritious for the kids. Keep updating us with this great articles that are very helpful when it comes to delicasies.

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