November 24, 2017


How is is only a couple of months before my baby is 2 years old!? Where has the time gone!? Lily has really shone this month and has really began to form a strong attachment with Eloise and it has been wonderful to see them become the best of friends. Not that they weren’t close before but since Eloise has been at home more they have really began to solidify their little bond and will spend ages playing together, not hindered at all by their age gap. 
Clothes Size 
Same as last month really. I bought her a new coat in 9-12 so she’s still very much a tiny dot.
For the past couple of days Lily has been going all day without boob and has quite happily drank out of her Munchkin 360 cups although it has to be juice or she won’t drink it. Nights haven’t been quite so bad since we have no school run to do now Eloise is at home so everything has just been more relaxed and Lily has been sleeping a bit better and has been having maybe a few feeds during the night lately. Weaning at 2 years is beginning to look like a possibility now although I don’t want to speak too soon haha!

Lily is definitely beginning to develop tastes for certain food (crap) and will poke and pick at a lot of the healthier foods she used to love these days. She tried Nutella for the first time this month, I have always been anxious about introducing nuts as there are allergies in my family but she was fine so the addition of hazelnuts to her diet will certainly give me more scope for food ideas (and I get to eat Nutella off the spoon, ahem). I have also set up an Instagram a week or so ago where I post the meals Lily eats as well as my What My Toddler Ate Tuesday posts if you want to have a look see:



Still cutting the 4 canines. Still DEFINITELY know about it.



Sleep has been slightly better this month purely because we don’t have alarm clocks for the dreaded school run anymore. I find that if I’m not stressing so much about how little sleep I’m going to get I end up sleeping better although no lie ins because we have only been sticky eye free for about a week. Damn did that conjunctivitis stick around! It took 2 lots of antibiotic eye drops and nearly a month of eye bathing although I’m sure that it was the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo that god rid of it in the end. I will be keeping a bottle of that handy from now on. 
Lily is understanding a lot lot more now, she will bring certain things to me now and is following instructions a lot more confidently now. 


Ben’s old toy car – she likes to put shopkins and other little plastic animals inside

YouTube Kids – This app means she can choose videos herself which she loves doing, there are still some dodgy looking Peppa Pigs and things so definitely keeping an eye on what she’s clicking on.
Colouring – She will colour for England, actually scrap that, she will colour for the universe. Any scrap of paper within Lily height will be coloured on. She particularly likes felt tip pens as they are easier to make a strong mark with. They also draw well on carpets, coffee tables and hands which lest face it, is what every toddler wants.
Stickers – She loves sticking random ones on her feet and then walking around the room whilst staring at them.
Pink ‘n Whites – She loves peeling off the marshmallow and eating it/covering herself in it.
Pointing at EVERYTHING – she will point and say “whats that” (hass aaa) and look at your with the most inquisitive and excited face ever and it is the cutest thing. 
Playing in Eloise’s room – We have been leaving the door open lately which give her free access to Eloise’s room and she has been loving it. They will spend ages in there playing with El’s toys.
Tucking people up – She fucking hates blankets at night but during the day she will take great joy in tucking herself, Eloise, Ben or Me along with her Carebear in various blankets and also the occasional wet tea towel. 
Rearranging her food – I tend to put her food on her plate in a semi aesthetically pleasing way for photographs but apparently this is not aesthetically pleasing for Lily who takes everything off and arranges it in various orders.

Fireworks – We took the girls to their first firework display earlier this month and both of them loved it, Lily’s reaction was priceless and I’m so glad I caught it all on video.


Being woken up – Waking Lily up when she isn’t ready to wake up is kind of what I imagine waking the devil to be like.

No boobs – I have been saying no to boobs a lot during the day and she fucking hates me for it. 
How am I feeling?
Pretty good really, everything has been a lot more chilled since we took Eloise out of school and although I have random panics where I feel totally out of my depth and drowning in self doubt, it’s going well and everyone is much more relaxed and it’s shown through Lily too. My counselling sessions are also well on their way and they’ve allotted me the maximum amount which is great! 

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