November 2, 2017


Another month, another favourites post! This month has been a bit of a cop out for the most part, I spent a good half of it with a cold which turned into sinusitis which had a one night stand with conjunctivitis, Lily is cutting 4 teeth and everyone else got the said cold, Lily still has conjunctivitis nearly 2 lots of antibiotic drops later and basically I’ve been feeling like something had chewed me up, shat me out then threw me under a bus….which then reversed back over me. I also last minute decided to do blogtober (which I managed to complete by some fucking miracle) and have literally sod all scheduled for it. Anyway, here are my favourites for the month of October:

Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick

I mentioned this in my Autumn Lipstick Picks last month, and it’s bee a firm favourite for me. It’s a deep cherry red with a hint of a sheen. It’s quite like the MAC cremesheens in terms of finish but without the stickiness that comes with a MAC lipstick. I’m also wearing it in this vlog although I’ve mixed Revlon Red too on the inner part of my lips (which is a great combo!) so I have included a swatch in the photo below.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze

The first ever colour of this eyeshadow I purchased by mistake, it was Eternal Gold which is much brighter and obviously gold. I actually meant to buy this shade but I forgot about it for several years until I saw Gemma Louise blog about it which made me fall in love with it all over again. It’s such a beautifully pigmented cream eyeshadow and I love everything about it. It is literally like liquid, heavily shimmery bronze (see the swatch below) and looks amazing with pretty much any nude palette out there.

Superdrug Rhubarb & Custard Shower Gel

Holy freaking shit this smells amazing! It smells just like the sweets although it is quite a strong sweet scent so if you’re not into that you probably won’t like it but I bloody love this so much! It doesn’t dry my skin out which is a problem I face quite frequently with “cheap” bath and shower products and basically, this is amazing.

Badedas 3 in 1 

I bought this to use whilst I was ill because it was literally the only thing I could actually smell. It has a pretty strong, fresh scent which smells like trees. Horse chestnut to be exact but I really appreciated being able to actually smell something and it makes me feels so much more refreshed after using it. Bonus that it can be used as a shampoo, conditioner and shower gel!

Emily Veg Crisps

I picked these up in Boots whilst grabbing various medication because I basically lived off noodles and crisps because that’s all I wanted to eat. These are the perfect amount of thickness and crunch and they fact they are vegetables means they’re healthy, right? I normally get the Tyrrells ones which are nice too but these aren’t as sharp when they crunch. That means sense right? The Beetroot ones were my favourite!

Maybelline Tattoo Brow

This has been a game changer for me, I fucking hate filling in my brows and anything that means I can get away with doing it for longer is right up my street, alley, life in general. You basically paint it on, leave it, peel it off and you’re good for a few days! You look like a giant twat for the duration between applying it and peeling it off but it’s totally worth it. Just don’t forget to peel it off before you go out which I totally didn’t nearly do the other day.

Crystal Pendant Necklaces

I have about 500 of these. Okay, not 500 but I have a lot and they’ve been been “my thing” for a few years now. I’ve had an interest in crystals since I was a kid and although I’m still not 100% if they work but they’re interesting and it makes me feel better wearing them anyway. Plus I love the way they look! These are Dalmatian Jasper and Quartz.

Barry M Quick Dry Nail Polish

I fucking hate waiting for my nails to dry. Number one on my can’t be arsed list! I always end up messing them up by being inpatient or from one of the kids needing something desperately the second I’ve painted them. I’ve tried quite a lot of fast drying nail polish and they have all been a bit “eh”, they were either super thin and watery or just, well, didn’t dry fast. This nail polish costs about £3 from Barry M and it actually bloody dries fast! Miracle worker in a bottle!

Personalised Hangers

These are £3.50 from Its a Haslam Thing! They cost £3.50 including postage and packing which is a steal! The back has “OOTD” on so these are perfect for when I finally get round to photographing the girls’ outfits! I just love these little things so much, they look so lovely hung in their rooms!


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  1. caitylis says:

    I am LIVING for the Badedas 3n1 at the moment. I use it as a shower gel and a shampoo. I love to get a boiling hot sponge with some of it on and wash my body, I feel like a little part of me goes up to heaven. I can't wait until we move and we'll have a bath tub! Because I want to use the Bath Gel/Bubble Bath so badly!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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