Tesco Crumpets with Vitalite Spread – Super easy breakfast that you won’t even guess was vegan. Ben thought the spread “tasted like shit” but both me and Eloise (who is the fussiest fuss that ever did fuss) liked it. Plus he automatically turns his nose up at anything vegetarian or vegan yet will happily eat it if I don’t tell him. Yeh Ben, take that.


Tesco Value Tortilla Chips with Houmous – This has been my go to lunch for about 2 weeks anyway so this was super easy. I really love these little pots of houmous that Tesco sell, they are the prefect size for snacks too. They sell this Mediterranean selection and also a spicy trio which has Jalapeno, Harrissa and Peri Peri flavours which are nice too! I could eat this combo all day everyday! Plus the tortilla chips are 46p a packet so you cant really go wrong can you.


Linda McCartney Vegetarian Country Pie, Tesco Sage and Onion Stuffing, Roast Potatoes and Sweetcorn – This roast Ben said, and I quote “this is the best roast you’ve ever made”. I also did roast sweet potatoes too and they were bloody amazing, game changers they are and if you haven’t tried that already then I definitely recommend it! Eloise loved the pie too and everyone ate most of it! Couldn’t be more of a win if I tried.


Snacks included:
Paprika Pringles – Pringles automatically enter the awesome food category. I believe other flavours are vegan too but these were just the ones I picked up!
Oreos – Yep, Oreos are vegan.
Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate – I have Orange and Almond and Sea Salt flavour both of which are vegan and also amazing.
Alpro Dessert Moments – These were kind of crap, it’s like a watery version of a chocolate pudding. It also didn’t taste much like hazelnuts and was a bit of a let down and I will be buying the regular Alpro Desserts my Grandad used to buy which are amazing.
Quinoa Chips – These were a hit with the girls and were mostly stolen by them. I also got the Hummus chips which are the perfect shape for dipping!
Walkers Ready Salted – These are my favourite crisps ever and I can quite easily eat a 6 pack to myself. Most ready salted crisps are vegan as are a bunch of other flavours.
I will point out that those are more than one days worth of snacks although I could easily eat all of them in one day though.
After setting myself the goal of going vegan for one day a week in my November Goals post, I asked on twitter if I should share my meals weekly, or as a round up at the end of the month and you guys chose weekly so here I am! All in all, I haven’t found it that hard so far. The random sneaky milk in pretty much everything is the worst though and so frustrating when the product doesn’t even need milk yet they just ram it in there anyway. Also things may also look vegan, but they aren’t, as I found out with some Tesco Chicken Gravy earlier this week. The ingredients all look vegan on the packaging but talking to Tesco it’s apparently not suitable for vegans although they couldn’t tell me why…Useful.
The thing I’m finding hardest is cutting milk products out, I don’t eat meat often at all anyway and was vegetarian for 3/4 of my life before moving in with Ben so meat is not something I miss much if I’m honest. I have a lot of anxiety around meat products anyway and cannot be near raw meat so it’s something I have avoided anyway I guess but milk is another story. I wish they made vegan cottage cheese!
On the whole I’m finding it easier than I thought. I’ve found I have eaten a lot more than a days worth of vegan meals and I’ve actually been really enjoying it! I’ve switched up my buttery spreads for Vitalite which is lovely, I’ve got some Oatly milk which Lily had on her cornflakes this morning and even she liked it. I’ve been swapping most of my chocolate intake from milk to dark and I’ve not really missed it. I find I eat less of dark chocolate anyway so that’s a bonus!
If you have any vegan food suggestions or recipes, please throw them my way!




  1. November 14, 2017 / 8:09 pm

    Great post ! This is a great start ! Yes they put milk in weird things. Luckily Oreos,Biscoff,Bourbon biscuits and ginger nut biscuits are vegan. The other day I found milk in beef monster munch but they're was no beef yes it had milk in it . If their is a chance of cross contamination it is not labelled vegan to prevent any lawsuits. Yet the ingredients are normally vegan. Try to make your own nut cheese or go to a health food shop/ website and buy one. Bistro gravy is vegan the original one that is red is but I would suggest joining in on #veganhour. Following the vegan kind / accidentally vegan uk twitter or Instagram page. To help you out a little more plus YouTube helps too.

    Sorry for the essay.

  2. November 14, 2017 / 11:09 pm

    Thank you so much! I have followed all of those accounts! They're going to be so helpful!! xxxx

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