//  Strawberry & Banana Innocent Smoothie
You can’t beat a shit load of fruit for breakfast can you? It’s the ultimate healthy kick although smoothies never fill me up for long. Innocent are my favourite smoothie brand though, I normally go for the Passion Fruit one but this was just as nice!


// Violife Cheese, Cucumber and Crisp Sandwich
//Ten Acres Pastrami on the Rye Crisps
This sandwich was amazing and the crisps were top notch and lets face it, a crisp sandwich is amazing anyway. Lunch I’m finding really easy, breakfasts I’m finding harder not because of the free from foods but because I’m finding it hard to find inspiration for awesome vegan breakfasts that don’t take approximately 97 years to make.



// Homemade Pasta Bake with added Courgettes and Red Pepper topped with Violife
Firstly, Violife melts like shit but it’s still nice. The outside kind of goes crispy but under the crispiness it’s all melty and kind of gloopy. Looks kind of gross if I’m honest but it tasted lovely. I doesn’t have your regular cheesy taste, it’s a bit plain tasting in comparison but it’s nice all the same. This is definitely a recipe I’m making again, everyone cleared their plates which is rare as rare gets.
I’m not finding this as hard as I thought, I’m putting that down to the fact I was brought up as a vegetarian and can probably count the amount of times I’ve eaten meat in the last 15 years on one hand. The only thing I’m struggling with is cutting out dairy because I’m really not liking the various plant milks so far. If you have any milk recommendations then hit me up!

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