November 14, 2017



// Peach Fromage Frais
// Pan Fried Cinnamon Banana Coins

// Brioche Banana French Toast

Welcome back to another week of What My Toddler Ate! I’m really loving this little series! Lily bloody loves banana so I thought I’d jazz it up with some cinnamon for her. Of course she didn’t like it and mainly prodded it with utter disgust. The brioche is also a firm favourite at the moment and she at least ate some of this, sort of…

To make the Brioche Banana French Toast I mashed some banana on a plate, mixed in some cinnamon and a splash of milk and placed the sliced brioche in it and coated it evenly. I added some coconut oil spray into a frying pan and then fried the brioche for a few minutes on either side over a medium heat. Simple, and makes you feel like one of those Pinterest Mums when in reality, all you did was throw some cinnamon at a banana.



// Cottage Cheese
// Kiddylicious Veggie Straws
// Cheesestring
// Cheese & Apple Mini Tortilla Pizzas

This lunch was a hit because of the cheesestring, every kid likes a cheesestring, cheesestring = win. The cheese and apple pizzas were eaten by Eloise but not Lily which has got to be a first and the cottage cheese and veggie straws are guaranteed to be eaten.


// McDonald’s Fries
// Chicken McNugget
// 1/4 Veggie Burger

// Ketchup

This is Lily’s first official McDonald’s meal. She has pinched the odd bit here and there but after the Fireworks Display the other week we got back at 9pm so a quick, minimal effort meal was needed and I got major Mum points for this one.

Lily has got to be the only child I have ever come across who will not touch a McDonald’s chicken nugget. To absolute fuckery was she going to eat that! The veggies burger she loved and I gave her a bit of my bun too which she had a good go at. The fries were her favourite though and she pinched much more than is on her plate.

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