// Crumpet with Vitalite Spread
Lily joined in with my Vegan Challenge for breakfast and had Vitalite on her crumpets instead of butter. I really like this spread and Eloise hasn’t noticed it’s not Clover yet. Ben thinks it tastes like shit purely because it’s vegan though. 


// Falafel, Cucumber and Houmous Sandwich Fingers
// Cottage Cheese
// Ten Acre Pastrami on Rye Crisps
// Plum
//Apple Slices
//Chocolate Buttons
Got to have that cottage cheese in there somewhere, Lily will literally shovel handfuls into her mouth/down her top. It’s her second favourite food with yoghurt of any description taking the winning spot. She quite likes plums but wasn’t so sure about the apple which is weird because apples are the only sure fire fruit Eloise will touch that isn’t a berry. The sandwich was tossed aside after being poked and nibbled at, she really doesn’t seem like a sandwich kind of baby. Not even nutella sandwiches can sway her but she does tend to pick bits of the filling out so there is that I guess.
// Saag Masla Quorn Curry
// Chapattis 
// Poppadoms

Lily is a poppadom fiend. Mainly because she thinks they’re crisps though. Since she’s had 4 teeth cutting through at the same time she’s barely eaten anything but milk and crap. She picked at this but pretty much only ate the chapattis and poppadoms. She was missing out though because this curry was bloody amazing.

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