November 20, 2017


I stress about the smallest things, the tiniest details most wouldn’t even have cross their mind and it drives me mad! I have honestly spent the past month looking for the “perfect” coat for Lily. I have looked in Next, Morrisons, Tesco, Asda, Matalan, eBay, pretty much every online shop you can think of and still couldn’t decide on a bloody coat. I mean it’s a fucking coat, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things and it’s fate is inevitably to get covered in mud and sand at the park so who cares, right? Well, apparently me.

I must have crawled through hundreds of coats online, screenshotting them and sending them to Ben for him to say they’re shit and he hates them and the ones he liked I hated and so it went on. Over a month this went on for. Over a fucking month. Also one thing I noticed whilst judging every coat currently on the market is that coats aimed at boys are far more practical and generally less shit that ones aimed at girls. They have the little cuffs that keep their arms warm and are thicker in general, why the hell is this? Do boys get colder than girls? What a load of shite. Anyway, we found a lovely navy jacket in the boys section of Next but obviously they didn’t have Lily’s size so on with the search which was getting so old I was contemplating just shoving Lily in a pillow and hoping for the best.

By this point I was actually worrying that she was going to end up freezing to death because the only coat we have that fits her is a little pink gilet and it was getting far too cold for her to be wearing just that. I entered stressed out mode and took to twitter for coat recommendations and my beautiful friend Zoe suggested Zara.

Zara is a shop I love, I own several pieces from there and even blogged about one of their coats back in 2014 so how the hell I managed to forget they existed is beyond me. Anyway, after exhausting every store in a 5 mile radius off to the online depths of Zara I went. It wasn’t long before I came across this little perfect navy blue number which screamed Lily to me. Ben also liked it too which is a miracle in itself.

Planets Puffer Jacket

We went for the Planets Puffer Jacket which is £19.99. It has cuffs, something that was on the top of my must have list, super soft fleece inner which I could stroke all day. It’s the softest thing I ever did touch and lastly, it’s zip fastening, ain’t nobody got time for buttons. The coat is a lovely dark colour with white dots scattered over it to look like stars with light pink, blue and purple circle shaped “planets” which I thought were just plain colours but they have a very moon like texture to the colouring which made me love it even more.

Size wise they they seem to run true to size. I did used to buy quite a bit from Zara for Eloise but I can hardly remember my own name most days let alone how certain clothes fitted several years ago. I ordered 9-12 months for Lily who is 21 months old, 21lbs, 74cm tall and in mostly 9-12 month clothing (although some 6-9 still fit her) for reference. I literally spent an hour stressing about what size to get over Facebook messenger to Zoe haha! But it fits perfectly! Thank fuck.

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