December 16, 2017


I was sent these stunning bunch from Prestige Flowers and I swooned a little as I opened the box. Every girl loves having flowers delivered, am I right? The novelty isn’t lost on me and I was absolutely thrilled to see such a gloriously festive bouquet inside!

If you follow my blog you’ll have probably guessed that I absolutely love flowers. Flowers in my house, flowers in my photos, I even named my second child after flowers. My dream is to own a little florist by the sea side and I always have a bunch of fresh flowers in the house if I can help it. I have been on the look out for some Christmas themed bouquets for a while and this one is by far the most beautiful arrangement I have seen!

I have had many an online bouquet and one thing I have noticed about online flower deliveries over the years is that they are very hit and miss, normally with boxed flowers there will always be one or two knocked flowers heads or the blooms will be mostly fully open meaning they last very little time at all. With these beauties there was absolutely no damage to the blooms, all heads were in place and the lovely vase they came with was intact (although I think this particular bouquet would be more suited to a fish bowl style vase as it was so large that I struggled a bit to fit them in!). The flowers were beautiful but not in full bloom meaning you get more bang for your buck and more time to appreciate their beauty.

This stunning bouquet is filled with the most beautiful Grand Prix Roses, Hipericum and Roselillies, which are not only beautiful and longer lasting but they are also pollen free meaning they are safe around pets.

Prestige Flowers have a magnificent range of winter flowers at the moment ranging from stunning bouquets of Lillies, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Tulips, Gerberas to festive touches such as warming cinnamon sticks, pine cones and beautiful Christmas stars which add such a wonderful Christmassy vibe!

If you would rather have a longer lasting bloom then you have the options of some really gorgeous potted plants including Hyacinths, Orchids, Cyclamen (which are a huge favourite of mine and absolutely lovely this time of year) and many other beautiful blossoms.

Other options over the festive period are wreaths which are bloody marvellous and would look amazing as a centrepiece for your Christmas table.

With the option for next day delivery including Sunday deliveries, with Prestige Flowers you really can’t go wrong!

I have used some of these beauties in my blog photography, if you want to see these in action they feature in the following blog posts:

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  1. These are gorgeous Gee! And I love the fact they are safe around pets. The arrangement is just stunning xo

  2. caitylis says:

    Omg these are absolutely amazing! So beautiful! I love these kind of coloured bouquets, the deep reds are stunning!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  3. Ar Mu says:

    Winter roses are my absolute FAVE. You're right though, online flowers can be so hit and miss – these look fab though x

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