December 24, 2017


I’m several days late on this but I’m letting myself off because in under a month we have moved house and done up a flat, had Christmas and various gift exchanges so time has been limited. Lily has also been poorly with an awful cough which has only just buggered off so sleep has also been short too. Also, how the hell is my baby a month of being 2 years old!? I remember when Eloise hit 2 and I thought she was so grown up but with Lily being my second baby she still looks so tiny! She was a newborn a second ago I swear! Can I even call these baby updates anymore or should I rename to toddler updates!? How is she so big now!?

Clothes Size 
9-12 still although some 12-18 bits aren’t ridiculously big on her anymore. 
She still asks for boob a lot. By ask I mean literally pull my tits clean out of my bra. She can go a whole day without milk though if she’s busy although only boob can fix major sadness or over tiredness provoked stropping. 
Lily has been really loving raspberries and Jaffa Cakes this month. The raspberries totally cancel out the biscuits though. Because Jaffa Cakes are biscuits. Not cakes…*ahem*. She also really liked the Chilli Cheese Pasta Bake from Asda so she’s still liking the spicy foods this one! 


Nearly all of her baby/toddler teeth are through, four canines are through the gum now and look like tiny vampire fangs. They’re still a bit touchy at times but generally, she hasn’t been too bothered.


Sleep hasn’t been too bad minus the cough she’s had for the past couple of weeks. It started as horrible dry cough which we thought was to do with the heating in our new house, the doctor agreed but learnt more towards it being viral. Fast forward a week and she still has the cough but it’s snottier now and I have it too so we are thinking it’s viral rather than the central heating.
Her first snow! That counts as a milestone right? 
Her colouring is amazing, she is able to colour pretty much within the lines and is very precise. Her spoon to mouth technique is 98% down and she is starting to learn colours! She can’t say the names yet but she can put an item with the same colours (well, red and yellow) together pretty darn well.

She is now just beginning to say more two word sentences, mainly “Eloise gone” (“isa gooooone”), “Daddy gone” (“Daaa goooone”) or “what’s that” (“waasss aaaa”). She still speaks very softly and appears to have a lisp but Ben has one so we aren’t too surprised about that one. She seems to say words better if they are accompanied with an action, whether this is because we use sign (although we have been slacking lately) or if she finds words easier to remembered that way. 
Eloise – Lily and Eloise have developed such a tighter bond since El came out of school. They are like two peas in a pod despite being nearly 6 years apart in age. It’s so wonderful to see them developing such a strong bond, definitely one of my favourite home education perks so far.
Colouring – Lily loves colouring, she will sit there and colour in random bits of paper, important letters, the walls, various soft furnishings and colouring books for hours. It’s definitely a big love of hers. 
Cleaning – Lily and Eloise have both taken to pulling out baby wipes and cleaning random household objects together.
Her reflection – She loves looking at herself in mirrors, oven doors, screens, anything. She will do cute little poses and watch herself interact with toys or put clothes on her head. It is so cute and hilarious to watch.
Biscuits – Lily has a very particular way of eating a biscuit. She will break it open and scrape off the filling then leave the rest lying around the house. 
Snow – She thought it was the most amazing thing ever. She gets cold quickly though so couldn’t play in it long much to her disappointment.
Playing in the garden – We finally have a house with a garden and Lily absolute loves being able to play outside whenever she wants! I can’t wait until the summer!
Nail Varnish – Not to put on, but to stack, line up and generally arrange. 
Peppa Pig – Lily is now a fully fledged Peppa fan. We found one of Eloise’s old Princess Peppa teddies and it has swiftly overtake Carebear with Lily loves.

Caillou – Probably the most annoying kids show ever but this is a new favourite!
Stair gates – They stop her getting to the fun (read dangerous) stuff. They are the baby jail of the stair world.
When the advent calendar won’t stand back up – we have the kids’ advent calendars propped up on the window sill and Lily will poke at the doors to close them (yep, to close them) and they fall down. This bothers her. A lot. 
How am I feeling
Fucking knackered! Moving house with 2 kids is literal hell but aside from that, mentally I’ve been in a much better place for the most part. We have formula and bottles ready to try and start of the weaning process. I’m hoping she won’t hate me and/or refuse it completely but I think she’s slowly getting to the point where she doesn’t *need* boob. The last few nights she has woken up and actually point blank refused boob which is a massive first, normally it is the only thing that will get her back to sleep but she’s literally kicked it away and just wanted cuddles. I’m wondering if this is maybe the start of her choosing to cut down herself. Here’s to hoping!
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