December 14, 2017


Better late than never right? I’ve moved house so have been without wifi for nearly two weeks and my blog has taken a back seat because Blogger has quite frankly, shitty apps. There are literally none that are any good and either don’t let you upload photos or are just generally a pile of crap to be completely honest! Anyway, here are my monthly favourites from November…In the middle of December! Haha! 

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how beautiful these roses from Prestige Flowers are? I love a good bouquet! 

Glade Cheerful Spirits

This is basically Christmas in an aerosol can, it smells AMAZING and so festive it almost hurts. We actually bought a few of these last year because it’s such a nice scent so I have a couple of these knocking about still. I don’t normally like fruity scents all that much but this is more festive than it is fruit which is perfect for this time of year.

Chirp Softnest Hair Mask

Actual holy grail hair mask! This not only smells amazing it leaves my hair feeling and looking the best it ever has in its whole life. The plethora of nourishing oils have the most beautiful citrus scent and it smells like a spa on your head. I bloody love this so much!

Badedas Bath Gelee

I posted about the Badedas 3 in 1 in last months favourites and it’s remained firm favourite of mine! There is something about the smell that has me hooked, it’s so fresh and unique! I find myself just standing there sniffing it in the bathroom like a weirdo. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy

This bottle is a limited edition from years ago and I probably should have thrown it out (does perfume have an expiry date?) either way it still smells just as beautiful as it did when I first bought it! My perfumes have sat in my drawer for the longest time now but I recently cracked them all out and have been loving all of my old favourites! This is a lovely floral, almost vintage scent. Quite heavy but beautiful and long lasting, plus the bottle is bloody gorgeous. 

Child’s Farm Strawberry & Wild Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

This little combo smells amazing, Eloise has ridiculously long, difficult to manage hair so we have to be quite careful with what we use in order to stop it ending up completely matted by the morning. These smell like strawberries with a very subtle hint of mint, not enough for you to be able to detect it (which I love because I kind of hate mint) but enough to make the strawberry scent unique.

Mitchum Shower Fresh

This is a bit of a boring one, deodorant isn’t that fun is it? I used to steer away from Mitchum because the packaging is a bit boring and I had only ever tried the unscented version which was a bit sucky because I like my body stuff super scented. This was on offer a while back so I thought I’d give it a go and it is now by far my favourite roll on, ever, and it’s been my go to for months now so I figured it should at least get a look in this month. It smells like parma violets which makes me love it even more!

*This post contains gifted items. All opinions are as always, my own.

3 responses to “NOVEMBER 2017 FAVOURITES”

  1. caitylis says:

    I love the Marc jacobs Daisy selection! My favourite one is the blue one called Daisy Dream! Some lovely bits on here!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  2. Marc jacobs has to be one of my favs, loved your favourites x

  3. Ar Mu says:

    I wish my monthly faves were as good as this – I get a few wet wipes and some vaseline over me face if I'm lucky hahhah! xx

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