I decided to write something a little different today because this part of me generally gets overlooked these days because I don’t have time to play games much anymore due to having feral kids and also carpal tunnel syndrome, the joys of a chronically fucked body. Anyway, I’m going right back down memory lane with my top 10 games of my life so far, enjoy:

Dogz/Catz 4 – This has got to be one of the very first games that really caught my attention (the official first being Crash Bandicoot thought I think) and I remember begging my Mum to buy it for me one day in Staples when I was about 7. I think I probably had all of the Petz collection as some point or another but it was these two that I really loved and would spend hours playing on it on the gigantic grey PC we had looking after my petz and spraying my them with love potions to create babies. Talking of babies, I also had the game Babyz which was another one I spent hours and hours playing, downloading extras off the Internet and riddling our computer with viruses and Trojans.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Brat Attack – As a child (and an adult) I absolutely loved Sabrina, I collected her magazine, and watched every episode religiously on Nickelodeon. This was an 8th birthday present from my Mum, along with Spellbound, and the second game that engulfed me. I lost count of the amount of times I played and replayed this game and even re purchased it well after childhood.

NeopetsI can’t believe Neopets is 18 years old now! This game stole my life from the age of about 11 through until 14ish. I would get up, log in and wouldn’t log off until bedtime. I knew everything possible thing there was to know about anything Neopets related, I knew every event in the calendar and many an hour was spent collecting neopoints and avatars. I think one of my original accounts is still up today although I’ve long since forgotten the log in details.

Nitemare 3D – Another one that I discovered in my tween/early teenage years and loved it immediately despite being about 10 years late on the bandwagon (although I was only 2 years old when it was initially released). I’m not normally one for such basic, retro arcade style stuff isn’t normally what I go for but I still enjoy it even today. I reviewed it not long ago on Final Boss Fight (who are an amazing bunch who you should totally go and check out) as part of their Retro Reviews.

The Sims Bustin’ OutEveryone loves The Sims don’t they? Now this wasn’t my first venture with The Sims, I have played many a Sims game. I initially went round my friends house just to play it because my computer was too shit to run it properly and the lag was next level. It wasn’t until Bustin’ Out was released that I actually owned a PlayStation despite begging my Mum for one for years. I finally got my PS2 and grabbed this and a Tomb Raider number in the Tesco 2 for £20 deal. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Tomb Raider The Angel of DarknessMy very first encounter with Lara Croft came in the shape of Sky Games. I forget the name now but I used to spend many pounds playing this over the dial up connection via our Sky Box. This was the other half of the £20 deal back when I was 14ish and the first game I played on my brand spanking new PS2 (which I didn’t have a memory card for at the time so had to replay the entire game every time I died). So far no Tomb Raider game has lived up to this for me, Legend was a flop and the one they released in 2013 was okay-ish but yeh, nothing tops The Angel of Darkness. I actually wrote a walkthrough for this back in my early teenage years, that’s how much I played it haha.

Call of Duty Black Ops – This is the game I’ve probably spent the longest time playing collectively. I fucking love first person shooters, they are my thing these days and this is by far the best COD game in my opinion and certainly has the best Zombies maps. The multiplayer is a bit shit compared to Ghosts (which was my favourite for gun game and team death match) but this version of Zombies is the dogs bollocks. Many a late night killing the undead for 3+ hours straight.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim This is a recent love, I actually only began playing Skyrim just under a year ago after telling Ben I didn’t think it was my thing for years. I generally don’t go for fantasy games so thought I’d hate this but I was wrong and I eat my words tenfold. I haven’t played it properly for a while because I’m fed up of being a vampire lord and Falion keeps glitching. Bastard. I spend a large portion of the game play taking screen shots of the beautiful sunsets and general world. Here are a few of my favourites:


Call of Duty WWII This is the newest game we have added to our collection and even though I’m only a little way through the campaign, I can tell this game is going to give Black Ops a run for it’s money. I say Black Ops because I thought Black Ops 2, Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 were shit. The graphics were good etc etc but the fancy jumps and such just weren’t for me and I just couldn’t enjoy it with the nobby jumping everywhere like bellends crap and I skipped playing Modern Warfare and Infinite Warfare purely because I was still bitter with Activision. I did dabble with Ghosts though which I enjoyed thoroughly. The campaigns were pretty crap too but this is the first one since Black Ops that I’ve really enjoyed!

 So, that’s my top 10 games of my life so far! Anyone remember any of these?

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