December 5, 2017



// Nutella Porridge


Lily isn’t a huge fan of porridge these days despite it being one of her her favourite foods not that long ago. I thought I’d jazz it up with some Nutella because who doesn’t like Nutella? Am I right!


// Grilled Cheese Roll Ups
// Cottage Cheese
// Bunny Crisps
// Fromage Frais
// Kiddylicious Puffs
// Apple
// Kiwi
// Chocolate Fingers
Lots of variety again because if I give her just one or two things she generally has a strop until more food is put on her tray. Hangry toddlers are the worst. The grilled cheese rolls upwere a hit with Eloise but Lily picked at them, typically. She’s finally getting bored of cottage cheese though so I’m going to have to find something else to bulk up her lunches but fromage frais are still high up on the toddler food chart, Lily would live of these if I let her.


// Potato Tree Shapes
// Meat Free Ham & Cheese Star
// Cottage Cheese
// Pizza
The last week or two have mainly been beige food from the depths of the freezer because we have been packing and moving house so dinner times have become like a mad rush to weave in and out of boxes to even get to the oven. Pizza is a bit of a weird one with Lily, I don’t think she quite gets how to eat it and she just picks the cheese off and leaves the base. Either that or just tries to ram the entire slice down her neck at once.
She loves these little potato shapes, plus festive food is an automatic winner in my book! I don’t know what it is about kids and potato in weird shapes but it just seems to hot the spot with 99% of kids. The ham and cheese stars were a hit too, unsurprisingly.
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  1. Hi, Nutella porridge for break fast is a good idea. I will definetly give it a try.Your lunch looks more yummy. Dinner is just awsome which mother would not like to give a try. Thank you

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