December 12, 2017



// Baked Beans
// Toast
// Grated Cheese
I thought I’d cook up a warm breakfast for Lily seeing as we have been plunged into the ice age all of a sudden. She is a bean fiend and ate most of this, she leaves toast normally but I always include it as a sort of token offering. She seems to really be loving grated cheese at the moment which is a kind of win. I say kind of because it has led to her just picking the cheese of things and leaving the food underneath. Yay.



// Lazy Mac & Cheese
// Hippeas
// Fromage Frais
// Piccolo Pouch
The most half arsed Mac & Cheese known to man. Cook the pasta, chuck in a cheese triangle along with some grated cheese. Done! The kids bloody love this, naturally. Mainly because I put zero effort into it but it packs in some calcium so that’s always a good thing, right?
Hippeas are a new love for Lily, they’re chickpea based puffs so they’re healthy right? I chucked in a fruit pouch from Piccolo too because you’ve got to at least try and give them their five a day haven’t you, haha.



// Pasta Spirals with Chunky Vegetable Sauce
Forever hiding the vegetables in pasta! Both my two love pasta and will generally give anything in, around or on it a go. Lily really loved these little spirals too, I normally get penne but I think I may venture into the pasta world a little more because the kids seem to love the different shapes and the novelty of it means I can get more vitamins into them so it’s a win win really.
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