December 28, 2017


I don’t know about you but as soon as the central heating comes on my hair turns into a birds nest and my skin has the hissy fits of all hissy fits and develops super attractive patches of dryness that look like I’ve smothered PVA on my face before applying my foundation. Not a good look.I also suffer from eczema which means literally my entire body has a strop during winter time. A good skincare routine is the only way to prevent the winter nasties from screwing up your face.

Here is my guide to upping your pampering this winter with a few essentials to make sure your skin is glowing.

Face Masks

During the winter, I normally reach for anything that has the word moisturising in the title. My skin is a glorious combination of dry and oily. Oily on top of dry to be precise. I find the oiliness worse the more dried out I let my skin get so I try and slather on some moisturising products as often as I can over the winter months (which I have been majorly slacking with lately!). I always like to have a little collection of pocket friendly face masks for days I just feel like a quick pamper session! The Garnier Honey mask was on offer for 75p in Boots! You can’t go wrong there!

My favourite face mask of all time is Catastrophe Cosmetic from Lush, it’s filled with antioxidants and smells like blueberries. It is always guaranteed to sort out any break out issues I may have and it’s remained a favourite for years now. The only thing I don’t like about it is the expiration date; fresh face masks need to be kept in the fridge and used quite quickly. This particular mask would dry my skin out if I used it more than once a week so a lot ends up going to waste which is kind of annoying.



I’ve mentioned this Fig’s and Rouge cream in my Autumn Skincare Collection post back in October and it’s remained a favourite. It’s a pretty heavy cream but it doesn’t block my pores at all.

Another favourite of mine is the Liz Earle Skin Repair moisturiser which is really lovely for after cleansing but also as a make up base. I always love how my foundation looks after using this first.

For a cheaper, natural alternative, coconut oil is brilliant! It didn’t clog my pores but it will make your skin super greasy looking so using it under make up would be a no unless you have super dry skin. I bought a huge tub for a few pounds in B&M during the summer and still have loads left.


I love the Lush body conditioners to boost my skins moisture whilst in the shower. It’s quick, easy and this Snow Fairy one smells amazing. Ro’s Argan is another favourite of mine. The massage bars make for wonderful, heavier moisturisers too. I absolutely love Soft Coeur,which makes a great excuse to get a massage as part of your skincare routine.


Again, in with the Lush products, I love this Bubblegum Lip Scrub and I’ve repurchased it a tonne of time. It takes like bubblegum and exfoliates your lips whilst coating them in a lovely moisturising oil making it perfect to use before matte lipsticks!

Lip balm is another essential, I’m currently using Burt’s Bees Bring Back The Bees Coconut & Pear Lip Balm. Another fantastic lip balm is the Clarins Lip Perfecter! This was a holy grail product back when my blog was in it’s foetal stages in 2012 and I still absolutely love this product! It moisturised and perfects your lips so much so that they look air brushed. I love it!

Hair Masks

Since having Lily I have pretty much forgotten about my hair because it is constantly stuck in a Mum bun on the top of my head. This little thing from Chirp is the best hair mask I have ever tried. It is holy grail worthy. The scent is wonderful and my hair looked so shiny and lovely after I used it! You can see how amazingly glossy it makes my hair look by watching my 10 Baby Names I Love But Won’t Be Using video!

I’ve used a bunch of cheap hair masks which have been nice little pick me ups but they did nothing to my hair in comparison to Chirp’s Sofnest!

What are your winter skincare saviours?

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