I’ve been on the hunt for some new cutlery for Lily for a while because the weaning spoons we have are just that little bit too long for her and she looks ever so awkward shovelling yoghurt into her mouth with a spoon as long as her arm. This set from Doddl is the only toddler cutlery set I’ve seen that looks even remotely different to your standard weaning sets available these days.

The ergonomic design means they are so much more toddler friendly and help build fine motor skills. The larger, shorter handle sits perfectly in their little hands and encourages the palmer grip to progress into a more precise pincer grip. This means they can successfully feed themselves whilst creating less mess, which isalways a bonus because toddlers are literal hurricanes of destruction followed by storms of filth.


Lily absolutely loves this set and it makes shovelling yoghurt into her mouth a whole lot easier and makes for a lot less accidental nose and eye detours. The little bit of extra weight in the handles makes it feel more secure in the hand which I can definitely notice when compared to how she uses normal cutlery. The larger handle makes gripping a whole lot easier too, Lily has very bendy fingers, she’s too young yet to determine if she has Hypermobility Syndrome like me, but judging by her thumbs, I think she probably does. The design makes holding on a lot, lot easier for her.

Another great feature about Doddl is that all of the pieces can be used in either hand which is great for Lily because she is left handed, this style also supports the transition from baby led weaning into eating with utensils making the change a lot smoother for those who didn’t go down the puree route. The metal ends also discourage chewing which is something Lily has began to do with her weaning spoons which she was biting so hard they were getting damaged.

We bloody love these and Lily’s self feeding technique has come on so much since using these!

Check out Doddl in action in some of my What My Toddler Ate posts or on Lily’s food diary Instagram @whatlilyeats.

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