January 11, 2018


new year goals

Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time of year again where everybody is setting goals for the year ahead and I realise I’m literally so late in with this but I hope you all have a brilliant time seeing it in and weren’t too hungover! We had a quiet one at home in our pyjamas and Lily managed to stay up until midnight…just. Although disappointingly, there were no fireworks around here, I think we are too out in the sticks for fancy shows now. 2017 was a weird one for me, with it came Lily’s 1st Birthday, Eloise’s 7th birthday, the relaunch of this little blog, the purging of toxic individuals, a mental health relapse thanks to previously mentioned toxicity, the start of our home education journey, and finally, saying goodbye to our little flat and hello to our very own house!

On with the goals…

I have compiled a little list of goals for the whole of 2018, they’re not really resolutions or “new year, new me” type BS because 1. I’m fab as I am, obviously *ahem* and 2. we all know they will have been forgotten about before the end of the second week.

These are goals I want to work towards, and if I don’t get there, that’s fine, but having them written down will at the very least remind me of where I want to be, and what I want to do. I will still be doing my monthly goals with smaller bits and bobs each month to keep me on the right path.

Invest more in my blog – by this I mean buy a decent theme. I have technically already done this one but I had this listed before I bought my new theme and I’m one of those people who like to put at least one thing I can tick off on the list to make me feel like I’m bossing it already, haha!

I had the same old basic, boring blogger theme for like 6 years and since my blog has started to grow it’s little wings the past 6 months I really wanted to jazz it up and make it look fabulous. I bought the theme Crystal by Pipdig and I bloody love it!

Bring back the beauty postsThis blog, once upon a time 6 years ago, started as a beauty blog. I blogged about skincare, make up, posts videos on YouTube of make up looks I had created along with Lush hauls and OOTDs and quite frankly, I miss it. I have posted the odd beauty post since relaunching but I really want to up my game this year and concentrate on me stuff rather than just Mum stuff.

Get married – We have been majorly slacking on the marriage front and have been engaged over a year now so it’s about time we put things in motion. This one may well make it’s way into next years goals but I’m being ambitious and putting it in this years in the hope it will give us a kick up the wedding planning arse.

Learn to drive – I’ve seen this on quite a few peoples lists this year and it’s been on mine for a while now. At the moment Ben is designated driver but I think it would help us a lot if I could drive too, plus I would love to have the freedom of driving myself. Whether my anxiety will let me is another question but I really don’t want to hit 30 and still not be able to drive! I’m only just 27 so I have a full 3 years to pass my test…that’s doable right?

Up my art game This is something I don’t really talk much about, mainly because I haven’t been doing it for far too long but that’s about to change! I’m mainly a watercolour and typography kind of person, although I do enjoy the odd pencil portrait and I have dabbled in digital art in the past. Anyway, my goal is it consciously make an effort to paint more.

I’m feeling positive that I will be able to really work on these things but we are only 11 days in so lets see what happens ‘ey? Ha!


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