Technically it’s not my birthday today, it was on Tuesday but I couldn’t not share photos of the beautiful cake my Mum and sister got for me (it’s from Sainsbury’s for those wondering!). On another note, I can’t believe I’m 27! I feel so old just saying that because I feel no different to when I was 18 and I still get IDed for alcohol. I’m really beginning to get to the stage where I dread my birthdays because that big 30 is creeping closer and closer and I remember so well when that felt so ancient to me.

Anyway, enough age related moping! I had a wonderful day minus being on the phone for a large part of the morning putting in an indemnity claim on a direct debit our old landlord took out for the rent on our old place (dick). I ate copious amounts of bruschetta, cake and Guylian Chocolate Seashells and put on approximately 56lbs in 24 hours.

I got spoilt and showered with wine, make up, chocolates homey bits and food in general with a free pass to go on a mini make up and skincare shopping spree at some point so I have been spending today filling up wishlists with some lovely new beauty bits which I am so excited about because it has been ages since I’ve bought myself some new make up! I have my eye on some bits from Glossier and the amazing looking Make Up Revolution Liquid Highlighter I saw The Sunday Girl talking about, the shade champagne looks beautiful!

The cake is now all gone, props to Sainsbury’s because it was amazing although I do have some chocolate seashells left to eat! Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday on Tuesday, I’m officially requesting that future birthdays my age goes down instead of up! 3 years off 30 sounds terrifying!


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