I cannot believe whilst writing this, that 2 years ago I had a tiny little 5 hour old. How is my beautiful little Lily Rose a whole 2 years old already!? I know everyone say’s it, but it really does go so fast and no way does it feel like it was that long ago that I was giving birth to this little squish!

I think I need to update these questions now she’s older, as most of the things I don’t really change often anymore. For example, all her teeth (minus pre school molars) have come through thank the Lord, Baby Jesus, and kittens, and she’s been in the same sized clothes for ages now; she’s wearing some leggings she got for her birthday which are in size 2-3 years and they are so baggy, haha! She’s still very much in 9-12/12-18 months!


Milk is going to be an interesting one, we have FINALLY made it to my initial 2 year breastfeeding goal. Thank fuck! It’s been a long, shitty road and now it’s time to start stopping, I feel kind of strange about it. I would say sad, but I don’t think it’s that but I think it’s more verging on bittersweet. More bitter than sweet because it’s been a fucking massive ball ache and a half for various reasons both personal, which I’ve touched upon before here, but also more general breastfeeding related bullshit. I wrote a post on The Motherload in October which outlines some of the more generalised issues surrounding tits. Although I’m sure weaning will be an even bigger ball ache.


Food wise she is still pretty fussy, she picks at things that aren’t pasta or variations thereof and it’s driving me a bit nuts. I need to get back into the groove of making toddler friendly hidden vegetable foods to trick her into eating things other then pasta bake and lasagne. She is still loving fruit though so I guess that’s a bonus, she loves smoothies and raspberries are a firm favourite with her at the moment. She’s also really loving Bear Paws which are really cute little dried fruit shapes. She loves to stick them to her face before eating them, haha!


Again, not much has changed. I’m finding more of a pattern to the nights were she literally won’t settle properly and I’ve found a few sleep killing triggers:

  • Not napping during the day
  • Eczema flare ups
  • Not eating all of her dinner

If any of these happen, the the prospect of sleeping is well and truly arse fucked out the window, all the way to timbuktu.


  • Lily is speaking more an more everyday now, her new favourite words are “door”, ‘stairs’, and “cake”.
  • She can sign “love”.
  • Complete two-piece jigsaw puzzles of various animals and cars and recognises a lot of these animals and will point to them when asked.
  • She has also mastered the art of pretend crying, to get her own way. It 100% works, on me anyway.
  • She has also started to draw certain things which is my favourite thing ever! She has drawn a cat, a dinosaur and a rabbit so far. I thought it was fluke at first but I asked her what her drawing were of a little later on and she confirmed that they were exactly what she first told us.
  • She can blow kisses now too and it’s the cutest thing ever!


Crayons – these are the best things ever, even better when the paper wrappers have been peeled off

Felt tips – Lily loves how the colours are so strong with felt tips but my sofa, floor, furniture however, are not so loving. She also has a habit of colouring her entiere self in with them and also using them as lipstick.

Cake – January comes with 3 birthdays in our family which means a plethora of cake which Lily has been extremely happy about! She’s on her third birthday cake this month haha!

Balloons – again, with birthdays come balloons and Lily has been loving the helium ones! Sod presents, all we want is balloons.


Not getting her own way – Lily has mastered the fake cry and sad face combo for ultimate emotional manipulation, haha! I think this is a general toddler thing though but it certainly works! On me anyway.

I can’t believe I have a 2 year old already, it only seems like yesterday she was a tiny, squishy Pringle tube sized newborn and now she is a fully fledged toddler!

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  1. February 8, 2018 / 8:17 pm

    They grow far too quickly don’t they 🙁 Wish my little lady would slow down x

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