January 8, 2018


2017 has been one hell of a year with magnificent highs and soul crushing lows. Along with it came Lily’s first ever birthday, the re launch of this little blog, Ben and I’s first engagement anniversary, the beginning of Eloise’s home education adventure, and a brand spanking new home to name a few.

My little old blog has found it’s wings again and I’m so proud of where I’ve got over the past 6 months, and despite some hiccups, I have met an absolutely amazing group of women through my little blog space (shout out to my queens!) 

Anyway, the point of this post is to have a little round up of posts from 2017 that I’m the most proud of:

Breastfeeding in Public – Dear Dickheads…

“Mums should be able to feed their babies however and wherever they need to, without a flock of cunt puffins flying down to shit their unwanted and ridiculous opinions on them. We probably already have enough shit covering us from the poonami earlier, thanks very much.

So, until we all start whacking both knockers out and lie spread-eagled on the floor of the fucking M&S Cafe singing “dooooo my tits hang low” whilst spraying milk in the air creating some sort of milky rainbow, to feed our babies, then other people can sure as shit keep their opinions to themselves.”


Stand Up To Bullying // Tips For Self Care

“Distance yourself from any and all negative farts. Block, unfollow, delete, leave, throw their number in the ocean, quit your job if you have to, whatever.”

“Brave isn’t jumping from tens of thousands of feet out of an aeroplane; brave is having to constantly fight with the very thing that keeps you alive. Every. Single. Day. It’s getting out of bed despite still being in the dark and walking out that door and carrying on with your day. Brave is staying in bed because your body and mind need that rest. It’s admitting you need help. It’s taking that bite of sandwich despite that voice in your head screaming so hard at you that your head feels like it could burst. It’s walking out that door or picking up that phone even though your heart is beating so hard you’re sure it’s going to fly out of your chest at any given moment. Brave is putting down that blade, putting down those pills or stepping down from that ledge because you are worth everything you think you aren’t.”

Why I Dislike #FedIsBest & #BreastIsBest

one thing I’ve noticed about breastfeeding is that everyone is told how easy and wonderful it is and how it doesn’t hurt one bit etc etc. Well they’re all fucking liars. It is exhausting and bloody HARD, but so is getting up every 4 hours at night to make up a bottle of formula, pumping for hours upon hours or dealing with tubes. Being a parent in general is fucking hard. We all have different battles, that’s just the way life is, but playing parenting top trumps and dragging each other down is a bullshit way to be.”
Will I Ever Love My Mum Tum?

“People seem to be under this strange impression that to be able to be body positive you have to be a certain size or a certain weight and basically those people are wrong as wrong gets. Body confidence and body positivity is not restricted by health; health has nothing to do with it and saying that only healthy people can love their bodies is ableist and wrong as hell. We all care about health but whether someone is overweight and body positive or naturally slender and body positive we should celebrate with them because EVERYONE deserves to be able to love and embrace their body shape without being criticised for it. Size 24 or size 4? It doesn’t matter. We all deserve to feel allowed to love ourselves.
Social Media, Parenting and the Art of Not Being a Dick
I can set up a Pinterest worthy sensory table with fibre optic lights and tulle or stick Peppa Pig on the iPad so I can go for a piss in peace or drink that luke warm coffee I put in the sun over an hour ago so it didn’t go colder that a snowman’s bollocks.”



What My Toddler Ate Tuesday is another thing I’m really proud of! I’ve taken a few weeks off because of moving house/Christmas/New Year but fear not, these posts will be resuming soon. This series has been one of my most popular posts and I even started up the Instagram @WhatLilyEats.

Speaking of Lily, I have been pretty consistent with her monthly Baby Updates, although she is very much a toddler now and will be 2 years old in less than a month….wow, that’s terrifying. 

I also, by some miracle, managed to complete Blogtober. I say miracle because I last minute decided to join in then came down with the flu a day later. So yeh…that was fun.

So that’s my little round up of last year, I’m planning on putting parenting posts in the back seat this year as I reignite the beauty blog heart of this little web space but that’s a whole other blog post. 

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