February 20, 2018

Bathroom Peeks + Homeware Haul

If you’ve watched my bathroom speed clean video you will have already seen these bits and bobs, but I thought a sit down, cup of tea and biscuits type post would be quite nice to do as well! After living her for 2 months I thought it was about time I actually started with the pretties around the house!

Our upstairs bathroom is weirdly shaped and smaller than our downstairs bathroom which makes very little sense to me but it made fitting everything in a huge challenge. I have some lovely white stand alone cabinets that just won’t fit in so they’re in the downstairs bathroom which is super annoying but hey ho.

Firstly, I’m actually in love with this bath mat. I feel like such an adult getting excited out a bloody bath mat but seriously guys, this shit is so soft! You need it! It was £10 from Matalan and has a rubber back so no slipping around like a fanny. The bath towel is my next favourite thing ever, how bloody beautiful is it!? It was £7 from Matalan again which is pretty darn reasonable if you ask me!

Matalan have some beautiful homeware bits in a the moment, lot’s of golds and marbles which as you probably know from looking at my blog, are my thang. This beautiful soap dispenser was £4 from Matalan and I got the matching toothbrush holder which was a steal at £3! I love how reasonably priced everything in Matalan is! I need to go back actually because there are several bits and pieces I’ve seen that I absolutely need!

I love having fresh flowers dotted about my house and I think a few look lovely in the bathroom and brighten it up beautifully. This bath soaks from Grace Cole is also amazing and looks so pretty sitting on the edge of the bath! Look at that little tassel! Don’t pretend like you don’t love it.

Anyway, to top it off it is also a bit of an odd shape, it made finding a mirror that would fit where we wanted without obstructing the shaver socket quite a task let me tell you! I had a look at some illuminated bathroom mirrors and found this one from Lumino! It’s their Sotto design and I love it so much, firstly it’s HUGE and secondly, the light around the edge makes it so much easier to put make up on! It’s super thin and runs on batteries so no extra costs to get an electrician to wire it up for you! I bloody love it!

If you watched my video you will have noticed I spoke about the JML Hurricane Spin Scrubber which I used to clean my tiles. This thing is probably my favourite of them all because I can actually bloody clean the bath without my shoulders dislocating! Win! You literally just hold it and it does all the work for you! Best thing ever!

This gold wire basket is from Asda, it was about £2.50 but I think it was on sale though. I did used to have little wicker baskets but I got bored of them quite frankly. I do that often actually, I find something I love and then get super bored of it in like a week haha. Matalan have a lovely rose gold one with little handles which I love. I think I may have to go back and get it actually and switch it for this because the past two trips I’ve picked it up and put it back after umming and ahhing so next time I’m just fucking getting it because why the hell not.

I also have a few plants dotted about the bathroom too, my house is filled with plants although our big house plant recently popped it’s clogs so I need to get another, less killable one actually. I love a good cactus.

Next stop is to replace the ugly lino which I hate so much it hurts my soul. I really want some lovely shiny tiles in there but I’ve got the rest of the house to do first! Boo!

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  1. Can we just take a moment of appreciation for this bath mat? Ohh yes!!

  2. Gemma says:

    I looooove the basket and the towel!! Very snazzy looking x

  3. Kelly-Anne says:

    I love these types of posts, mainly so I can have a nose. But there’s a couple of products that I would to try in that pretty gold basket!

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