February 13, 2018

Home Education FT Mrs Mactivity

If you’ve been here before then you’ll probably know that I home educate my eldest daughter, Eloise, who is just a few months off 8 years old (which is terrifying to even think about). We started our home ed journey again at the end of October so we are still very much learning the ropes all over again.

Eloise didn’t start mainstream school until year one so we had a years practise during her reception year, but going from teaching letters and phonics to a 4 year old and then jumping to teaching a year 3 kid who had lost the enjoyment in learning is a bit of a different ball park.

These past 4 months we have been getting to know what floats Eloise’s boat and taking her lead with most of her learning and sort of winging it really. We do plan structured lessons sometimes but a lot of the time Eloise changes her mind, or just isn’t feeling that topic on the day so we switch things up a bit. She also has a science tutor, of sorts. My sister has a degree in science so she comes up with lessons plans and work for Eloise to do there so in a sense that is structured but everything else is kind of free reign.

I do try and incorporate english and maths into her daily learning, whether that be reading, chatting on ROBLOX, reading whatever book she’s devouring at the time, spellings (which she actually really loves doing and is currently flying through year 5 exception words), she builds graphs in Minecraft, and battles through KS2 workbooks for maths (which is hit and miss when it comes to enjoyment and sometimes we have to sack this one off for something a little different), all sorts really.

One thing I have found though is that it’s incredibly difficult to find reasonably priced teaching resources as a home educator. There is the odd worksheet on Pinterest if you look hard enough but not a lot else unless you have the best part of £100 to part with first!

Until I found Mrs Mactivity…

Mrs Mactivity*, which is run by the wonderful Mary who is an ex teacher. It is currently free although they are looking to implement a subscription service soon in order to fund more resources but even then it still costs under a tenner for a whole year! Much more affordable and you won’t find them hiking up the price at any point either which is always nice to know!

New unique, hand drawn resources (designed by Polly Love), ranging from themed worksheets and colouring sheets to exception words and special needs resources (which are tried and tested by Mary’s own children) are uploaded every week! So there is always new things to be enjoying!

All resources are ink conscious meaning they won’t bleed your printer dry so no worrying about replacing ink every 2 seconds, with black and white options as well as colour.

My two had mountains of fun building loads of Valentine’s themed Lego shapes with Mrs Mactivity’s Valentine’s Lego STEM Challenge and decorating lots of coffee shop themed colouring sheets! See what they got up to in our What Home Ed Looks Like video and see the Mrs Mactivity resources in action!

I was able to easily adapt these activities to suit a 7 year old and a 2 year old and I’ve even printed off a sound mat loosely based on Jolly Phonics (which is a much easier way for the kids to learn letter sounds) for Lily which she is a little too young to really care about learning the written letters themselves but the pictures will help develop her phonics and expand her vocabulary so there really is something for every one! Even the littler ones!

It’s definitely one to check out if you have small people!


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  1. I am so glad that there are resources like this for home schoolers. More and more people are home schooling than ever.

  2. Chelle says:

    This sounds like an amazing tool to educate at home. I have 3 children 2,3 and 8 and it sounds like this site would be good for all 3.

  3. Georgina says:

    I’m going to pocket this one for when mine are older!

  4. This sounds great. I didn’t realise you Home educated Gee what a super Mum you are!!

  5. Jen says:

    Awww great post & well done to you both. Home learning can be challenging but with the right resources and patience – we get there!

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