Monthly Favourites // January 2018

Another month, another monthly favourites! Hasn’t January DRAGGED?! It genuinely feels like January was an entire year in itself, it was never ending! Anyway, I skipped last months favourites because I got so back logged with posts and Christmas, the New Year and various birthdays kind of ate up a huge part of the month and by the time I sat down and thought about last years favourites it was mid January and truth be told, I couldn’t be arsed. Ooh, I feel a bit like Nessa saying that….”iight Gav, what’s occurin'”

Okay, now that’s out of my system, on to my favourites!

Made By Coopers Atmosphere Mist – Happy

I got this in last months Pink Parcel and my god does it small gorgeous. I love room sprays and this little bottle is just so lovely. It’s scented with lime, clementine and basil. Now, I do love essential oils, a lot. I used to have a little electric oil burner when I was like 13 and I would burn bergamot in it (which is my absolute favourite essential ever). I loved looking up different scents and their different benefits. According to the Made By Coopers website, this little Happy mist is perfect for me:

Key Ingredients:

Lime – Uplifting and refreshing. Alleviates anxiety and depression.

Clementine – Uplifting and zesty. Enhances mental clarity. Boosts mood.

Basil – Energising and peppery. Relieves stress.

Make Up Revolution Conceal & Define

Now this is my new favourite thing ever! I’ve spoken about it so much you’re probably all sick of it but I bloody love this stuff! It ticks all the boxes when it comes to a great concealer and is only £4!? If that’s not a win I don’t know what is.

Tangle Angel Pro

Firstly, how stunning is this hair brush!? I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t want a rose gold angel wing hair brush. This is bloody fabulous and can even tame the utter birds nest that is Eloise’s hair. It’s antibacterial, anti static, water resistant and heat resistant, aaand breathe! This is a great little brush! I love how well it detangles wet hair without damaging it, it makes detangling so much easier!

Grace Cole Vanilla Blush & Peony Bubble Bath

I love a nice bubble bath, normally I go for Lush Bubble Bars but they work out pretty expensive using them for every single bath so I like to switch things up! This one creates lovely airy bubbles that smell absolutely heavenly. I also spotted a bunch of Grace Cole products in my local TK Maxx for a steal of a price!

Your Good Skin Balancing Skin Concentrate

My skin has been hating me lately, I had been slacking majorly in the skincare department and even when I’d got a cleansing routine down it just still wasn’t getting the moisture it needed. Mainly because I had ran out of moisturiser and spent so long procrastinating that I went weeks without using one. I was sent this as part of the Your Good Skin 28 Day Challenge (which I will be posting about soon) and so far, I’m loving it! A lot!

KAYA Jewellery Engraved Necklace

I have wanted a necklace like this for a while now and I had scoured Etsy and various online stores for months to find *the* perfect one and then forgot all about it like I do with most things. Anyway, this one from KAYA Jewellery is so, so dainty and beautiful! I love it so much! the disc are engraved with a tiny “E” and a tiny “L” for my two girls. The listing showed up to 5 discs which was something that drew me in because I love the idea of being able to add to it when we have more children. I have a giveaway for one of these stunning necklaces coming very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Pillow Talk

I think I’ve probably worn this lipstick every day since I got it for my birthday, it’s my new favourite thing and I love it beyond words. I won’t go to much into detail because I wrote a full review on it not long ago which you can read by clicking here. I will tell you that it’s a good ‘un.


I saw Ghosts in the photographs live last year at the premiere of Patient Zero – Dead at the Gates and have loved them ever since. They create the most beautiful instrumental music I have ever heard and they are absolutely amazing live.

Find them here:

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


I successfully binge watched How to Get Away with Murder and I can’t wait for the new season to be on Netflix because WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ENDING?! I feel cheated, all that build up to nothing! I absolutely loved everything else though and I was hooked throughout.

So that’s a wrap for this months faves, what are yours?


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