March 28, 2018

Things To Do With The Kids This Easter

If you didn’t know already, it’s Easter Sunday this week! So if you’ve not got your eggs in already then you better get yourself down to Tesco pretty sharpish before all the good ones go and you’re left with either the ones which are £10 a pop or the boring ones and no one wants to have to fork out at least a tenner on an egg if they’ve got more than one kid and no one want’s the Yorkie egg either.

Anyway, chocolate aside, in true home ed style we are filling Sunday with a plethora of fun. I thought I’d share the excitement and compile a little list of activities you can do with your kids this Sunday too! Join us on an Easter fun-a-thon if you will…Nah that was lame as hell wasn’t it. Moving swiftly on…

Things to do with your kids this Easter…

Egg hunt

This one is a given, isn’t it every kids dream to wake up to a shit tonne of chocolate? It definitely is my dream that’s for sure. Easter egg chocolate always tastes better. The lovely lot at Hallmark have sent the girls a lovely hamper to help us have one heck of an egg hunt! Needless to say they have been bouncing around with excitement because let’s face it, what kid wouldn’t want to go on an egg hunt?! Check out these cute little personalised bags they have to store their eggs in!

We were also sent some lovely themed cards from Hallmark’s collection, the pop up one was a huge hit!

Mrs Mactivity Easter activities

I have written about Mrs Mactivity before in my post about home education. They are a fantastic learning resource with the most beautiful worksheets illustrated by Polly Love I ever did see. Eloise and Lily are going to have loads of fun colouring in Easter themed bookmarks and eggs and then using the Easter writing frames to write about everything they got up to during the day.

National Trust Easter Trail

Every Easter, The National Trust team up with Cadbury’s for the ultimate egg hunt all across their properties throughout the UK. We are rather lucky to have several spots near us including Packwood House which we visited over Halloween last year. This is a guaranteed to be an amazing day for the kids following a special Easter trail and getting chocolate at the end.

Baking cupcakes or cookies

Chocolate cornflake nests, bunny shaped cookies, mini egg cupcakes, creme egg brownies. The list of the possibilities is endless. This is also a win win situation, the kids have fun whilst learning about cooking at the same time, you can throw in some maths too and you get treats at the end of it. We are going to make some lovely bunny rabbit cookies with lemon icing and sprinkles that the girls got in their Easter hamper from Hallmark.

Take them to see Peter Rabbit at the cinema

Eloise went to see the new Peter Rabbit film with my Mum last week and she absolutely loved it and she wholeheartedly recommends it. It’s definitely one for all the family. I did think about going with Lily because it really does look fantastic but figured I would just be spending 1hr 40mins wrestling a toddler so only El and my Mum went in the end.

Have an Easter themed picnic

Weather permitting of course! Cut some sandwiches into rabbit shapes, maybe some easter themed biscuits and voila! An Easter picnic. Pinterest has an endless stream of ideas for cute themed foods if you’re feeling super creative. The kids will love it!

What are your plans this Easter?

17 responses to “Things To Do With The Kids This Easter”

  1. Caz says:

    Taking notes I’m going try do all of these great post

  2. Jen says:

    awww i’m doing a post similar to this. Love your ideas G!!! never thought of the cinema trip to see Peter Rabbit or the Easter ed! Well done you 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    These are such lovely ideas, I can’t wait to do more with my daughter when she’s a bit older. We’re doing our first egg hunt this Sunday, hopefully in the garden if the weather co-operates! I can’t wait to make cereal cupcakes with her such a lovely idea.

    Lisa |

  4. Hannah Jayde says:

    Such a great post!!!! I wish the weather is nice enough to have an Easter picnic! xxxxx

  5. This all sounds like so much fun for when my little one is a bit older! Have a lovely Easter xx

  6. Gemma Louise says:

    Such lovely ideas, I think I’m going to do some baking with Ru since he’s at the age now where he’d enjoy it! xx

  7. Lynne Madden says:

    Lovely ideas for all the kiddies! My twins are too small to do egg hunts just yet. My toddler wouldn’t understand the concept and my big boys too old now really! Love doing that kind of thing…. so in years to come I can look forward to many egg hunts and Easter festivities xxx

  8. Georgia says:

    I can’t wait until Stanley is old enough to do a little easter egg hunt! Next year

  9. Ah I really want to see Peter Rabbit, I think Freddie is just that bit too little. I can’t wait until he is old enough to do the children’s cinema screenings! Loved reading this post.

    Amy | Amy Jane & Baby


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