March 16, 2018

What I Eat In A Day

One of my March Goals post was to start meal planning again in the hope we can eat a little healthier and I must say, it’s taken me until half way through the month to get on to this goal! Despite the leisurely start I’m doing pretty damn well and managed to stick to my plan for my food shop and also my meals which is a miracle in itself because normally I just buy a bunch of crap.

I also managed to get my 5 a day in so I call that pretty good going considering I ate like 3 bags of Walkers Chicken and Thyme crisps (which are amazing by the way) over as many days last week and just felt super gross so kicked myself up the arse big time with this weeks food shop (which you can see over on YouTube if creeping at other peoples grocery orders is your thing –  it’s totally my thing).


// Cherry Yoghurt with Granola topped with Berries \\

This is inspired by my lovely friend Jen (follow her instagram for amazing food inspo)! I did originally buy an amazing sounding Rhubarb and Vanilla Yoghurt from ASDA but it was basically disappointment in a 250g pot so I used a cherry yoghurt instead which didn’t look curdled and rank in general. The strawberry granola is by Lizi’s Adventures and it made up for all of the yoghurt disappointment because it’s probably the nicest granola I’ve tried in my life. They do low sugar versions and various flavours, Treacle and Pecan is next on my list! The berries need no explanation because they’re automatically amazing although it lacked raspberries for me. Raspberries are the best.


// Seeded Toast topped with Avocado, Beetroot and Cheese \\

I bloody love seeded bread, I’m a brown or seeded bread kinda girl, white bread is just super stodgy to me and I will eat good old wholemeal over white any day. When I have avocado on toast I normally mix in Marmite and cheese but fancied something a bit healthier and so I chucked on some beetroot and hoped for the best. It was amazing. I love how most of my amazing food concoctions are discovered by chucking random stuff together and hoping for the best, haha!


// Butternut Squash Noodles in Spinach and Mascarpone Sauce \\

This is my favourite of the lot! I will be honest here because I totally thought this was going to taste like crap but I was so, so surprised to find that I actually really loved it! Way more then regular pasta in fact and if you know me, you know I eat a truck load of the stuff.

I have had a few people ask about this recipe so I will be working on getting the up soon, I’ve already bought all the ingredients for another batch which I’m getting hungry just thinking about so look out for that if you’re interested in making this!

What are your favourite food combos?

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  1. Gemma Louise says:

    All of this food looks INSANE gee oh my goddddd. I need your motivation pls I eat so badly! xx

  2. Kelly-Anne says:

    Oh my goodness I need to try this lunch, it looks amazing! I forget how lovely beetroot can be.

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