April 21, 2018

50 Blog Post Ideas For Beauty Bloggers

Whether you’re a beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger, book blogger, parenting blogger, a new blogger or an established blogger; writers block can through a huge spanner in the works at the best of times but fear not, it happens to the best of us. I bet Charles Dickens and Emily Bronte had their fair share of writers block in their time and it can be mighty frustrating.

I tend to come up with my post ideas randomly jot the titles down in my drafts (I have 143 drafts right now…yeh I know). This means I do tend to have a lot of things I work on here and there but even still, I do find myself with writers block now and again. I have a habit of getting bored of the post I’m writing so start on another and some days I just really don’t feel any of my drafts at all and come to a bit of a lack of inspiration induced writing stand still.

I have turned to other posts like this to give me some much needed inspiration whenever I’m really stuck in a blogging rut so I’ve compiled a list of 50 blog post ideas for beauty bloggers in the hope I can reignite somebody else’s writing flame and get the words flowing again!

50 Blog post ideas for beauty bloggers…

01. Monthly Favourites – these types of posts are my favourite, I started doing them not long after I started blogging and I love them!

02. Beauty Box ReviewsGlossyBox, Birchbox, Pink Parcel, the choice is endless.

03. Bedside Essentials

04. Pick Me Ups – Beauty products sure to lift your out of that hungover or sleep deprived state.

05. What’s in my Bag – another fave of mine. I’m basically just a nosy bitch.

06. Current Skincare Routine – this is one I have done a fair few times over the years.

07. Winter/Summer Skincare Saviours

08. FOTD (Face of the Day)

09. Your everyday make up routine – this can end up being more than one blog post as you chop and change products.

10. Make Up LooksValentine’s Day, Bridal, Christmas Party, so many options.

11. Vegan Product Round-Up

12. DIY Face Mask

13. New Additions – talk about any new products you’ve purchased lately.

14. High End Dupes – my MAC lipstick dupes are my highest viewed posts!

15. Your haircare routine

16. Pamper Essentials

17. Your favourite beauty bloggers or Youtubers

18. Tips for starting a beauty blog – talk about some of the things you’ve discovered over your time blogging

19. Your make up routine, then and now – maybe do a comparison of how you did your make up say, at school and how you do it now. These posts are always interesting and slightly hilarious.

20. Holy Grail Products – talk about all of your must have items that you adore!

21. Your best beauty tips – these may be products or just tips you’ve picked up along the way.

22. Travel Beauty Essentials

23. Whats in my Make Up Bag – a classic, you can never go wrong with a good “What’s in my Bag?” post

24. Empties – post about things you’ve used up, what did you think? Will you be repurchasing them?

25. Shop your beauty stash – have a look through your beauty products and pick some bits you’d forgotten about to create a new make up look or find old favourites.

26. Wishlist – post about products  currently on your wishlist.

27. Make up or skincare haul – hauls are always good! Make up, skincare, Lush products, anything!

28. Face Mask Round-Up

29. How to combat with break outs/dry skin/redness

30. Brand Faves – talk about a selection of products from a particular brand that you love

31. Products you’re trying to use up

32. How you clean your make up brushes 

33. How you organise your make up

34. How you set up your flatlays

35. Your favourite blog props

36. Your morning/evening skincare routine

37. Bathroom shelfie/bedside table

38. Your foundation routine – the whole hog, how do you prime, apply and set your base

39. Current bath/shower picks

40. Favourite essentials with a twist – instead of talking about your essential make up talk about your essential essentials e.g your fave deodorant, toothpaste, shaving/waxing products, hair brush, etc.

41. Beauty hacks

42. Blogger hypes – talk about your tried and tested most hyped products in a round up

43. £20 make up challenge – create a full make up look for under £20

44. Your haircare routine/ how you style your hair

45. Your favourite hair products

46. Highlighter/foundation/concealer round up

47. Travel make up – what are your must have items for travelling?

48.  Product reviews

49. Products you didn’t like – it’s always good to give positive and negative feedback. You don’t always have to talk about the products you love.

50.  Make up bag staples


I hope these ideas helped get you out of that blogging rut!

15 responses to “50 Blog Post Ideas For Beauty Bloggers”

  1. allaboutamummy says:

    Wow what an amazing list! I’ll definitely be bookmarking this page!

  2. These are 50 great ideas for beauty bloggers, you have totally done a great research on this topic x

  3. Couldn’t of bookmarked this fast enough! Such great inspiration here babe! Xx

  4. Jen says:

    Not a beauty blogger but defo found ideas I would like to adopt on my blog. You clever girl xx

  5. Saved this to my phone! Need this list so bad and it is fill of great ideas!

  6. Georgia says:

    What a fab list, I’m not really a beauty blogger Im a mum blogger but some of these are great ideas that could easily be adapted!! Xx

  7. Lisa says:

    There are so many amazing ideas here I’ll be sure to jot some of them in my endless ideas notebook haha! You sound the same as me, a million ideas and then just waiting until the time is right!

  8. Jenna says:

    Great post – these are some great blog post ideas! 🙂 I don’t usually blog about beauty, but I will occasionally… I might have to use some of these! Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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