May 2, 2018

April 2018 Achievements

I feel like the sun this month has really perked me up. I have felt much more positive and less stressed (or at least as “less stressed” as someone with anxiety can be, haha) but it’s been so nice. I’ve been stepping away from the internet quite a bit this month as you can probably tell by my lack of blog posts but the weather has been too nice to be shut up indoors f I can help it, especially now we have a garden and however much I try and get blog bits done when the sun is shining I always end up putting it on the back burner in exchange for fresh air.

I feel like I haven’t blogged properly in ages, I don’t know whether I have writers block or if I’m just lacking inspiration to blog because my inspiration is being used up by creating elaborate play activities for the girls and doing up our house because that’s pretty much all I’ve really been doing this month. Well, that and home ed. I also feel like I haven’t really achieved many of the goals I set myself last month so some of those will just have to roll over into this month. I’m determined to get shit done this month though!

Anyway here are a few things I’ve achieved in April –

01. Went to bed earlier – This is a huge one because I’d got into that shitty cycle of constant regret and staying up until dickhead o’clock in the morning and feeling like a warmed up dog shit for it. Since we’ve been having these brighter days I’ve been going to bed at 10:30 instead of 2am and getting up earlier as a result. This is down to Lily being totally knackered out from playing all day outside in the garden and actually falling asleep before midnight so we are clinging to her new found routine like our life depends on it and so far, so good. I feel like we are FINALLY getting closer to a better sleep routine thank CHRIST. I will have jinxed it now though I bet. It’s always the way.

02. Took a bit of a break from social media – Ever since our dealings with an online bully last year it has really sucked the enjoyment out of social media for me. Up until then I had never had any negative experiences with social media and it really was like a shit in the water supply for me. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the internet in the same way since which is pretty crappy but taking some time away has really helped me. It’s been a bit like a reset button and although I am still dealing with the mental health implications of the whole thing I feel like I’m finally regaining my confidence and getting back on track with things.

03. I’ve been reading more – I recently joined #MasonsBookClub on Instagram and last months book was My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella and I read it in less than a day! I won’t harp on about this one because I have a book post planned at some point where I will talk more in depth about it so if you like book reviews then keep an eye out!

04. Got my cooking mojo back – I reignited my cooking mojo by bringing back the meal planning and turning to good old Pinterest for inspiration. I have been posting a lot more over on What Lily Eats so if you are looking for some toddler meal inspo then head on over! I’ve also posted a couple of recipes over April one was a Vegan Chocolate Cake and the other was my favourite new dish, Butternut Carbonara.

05. Got out more – We have been going for walks quite a bit this month which has been nice, Lily doesn’t like being cooped up inside so we try and get her out in the fresh air every day which is much easier with a garden but the rain makes it super wet so we have been walking where we live and it’s such a lovely area with lots of walks and I’ve bene loving just sticking in my Avanca D1 Sports Headset and listening to music whilst getting my sun fix. I’ve got to be quite careful how far I push myself because of my HMS but so far I’ve been alright. I think the sun helps my fatigue a lot (or at least helps eliminate the SAD element of my fatigue) so if we could have the sunshine back now that’d be cool. Just sayin’.

06. Spent more quality time with Ben – For people who are in the same hour 24/7 we don’t really spend a lot of time together. In the evenings Ben’s off doing his gaming site stuff and I’m doing blog stuff but but we have both got into watching Game Of Thrones so we have been sitting down together to watch a few hours of that every night and it’s been really bloody nice.

What are your achievements for last month?

24 responses to “April 2018 Achievements”

  1. caitylis says:

    I need to give myself some of these goals! I need to re-connect to myself and find myself again, its so hard to find yourself after becoming a mother!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  2. Jen says:

    Great accomplishments – regular goals & achievements help us lead a happier life. V inspiring xx

  3. I love reading goals posts! You did so well in April x

  4. Veronika says:

    I’d love to take a break from social media. So hard now that I’m blogging lol

  5. Lovely idea having a goals and achievements post. Great achievements, love that you are enjoying spending more quality time together. Think that is something me and my partner need to strive for as we are both so busy separately or spending time as a family rather than time just us.

  6. Well done on all your achievements. I definitely need to get back to reading more.

  7. Caz says:

    I think I
    Need get some goals . Do you find the readings is helping the anxiety ?
    Def don’t apology for not blogging as much enjoy time together.

    • Gee Gardner says:

      Yes and no, if I’m not anxious beforehand then yes, I love escaping to a different world when reading a book but if I’m already anxious then I find it really hard to concentrate! x

  8. So sorry you had someone be so horrid to you, it’s so hard to feel trusting in the internet again when people abuse it.

  9. Georgina says:

    Amazing achievements. I need to spend more time with Rich but that’s definitely on hold for a bit! I need to read more so badly!

  10. Will totally be following your what lily eats account as I’m always after inspo for what to give Amelia!

    PS Butternut Cabonara sounds amazing!! xx

  11. Rachel Evans says:

    I definitely need to get back into reading. I’ve always loved reading but just never seem to have the time!

  12. Mandi says:

    It sounds totally blissful! I think taking a break from the web is such a great thing to do, as bloggers we spend way too much time worrying about how many posts to publish and social media – I have had breaks and it does me the world of good.

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