May 6, 2018

Eloise Turns 8 Years Old!

On Thursday Eloise turned 8! Also, yes I’m going to start talking about how fast time is ticking by and how I can’t believe my baby, the tiny little 5lb thing born with deep, dark, almost black eyes, the girl who made me a Mama, my Eloisey, is now 8…

8 whole years.

How the fuck did that happen?

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably already seen my “through the years” story but incase you didn’t (and you don’t want to miss out) I thought I would pop it on here too. I can’t believe how grown up she looks now and how you don’t really notice them change do you? They’re tiny little squeaky newborns and then all of a sudden they’re off to college. Well, Eloise is a fair few years off college but you get what I mean. It’s terrifying.

Eloise through the years…

How tiny was she?! She has changed so much before our eyes that it doesn’t seem real looking at these. It only feels like such a short time ago she was wrapped in one of those blue stripe hospital towels and plonked on my chest. I think the first thing I said to when I saw her little wrinkly, face staring up at me was “she has dark eyes!” and now they’re still dark but less black and more chocolatey brown. Her eyes are beautiful.

I was so young and totally out of it and I don’t remember much now but she was the most beautiful, amazing and terrifying thing I had ever held in my shaking arms. I had hardly held a baby before, sure, my Mum was a respite carer/childminder, worked in a play group and was a nanny to triplets so I grew up with random kids and babies around me but now I was a single, teenage Mum holding my very own little human and for the first 5 years it was just me and her, her and me.

She is now a fully fledged 8 year old going on 18 and oh, she is just so many shades of amazing. She is clever, funny, caring, wise beyond her years and one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure to know. She asks to spend her birthday money on Lily and her Christmas lists are always filled with things for other people, she’s so special and I love that kid with every ounce of my being.

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Some gifts she got…

I thought I’d share a little collection of Eloise’s favourite gifts because I thought it would be a lovely thing to look back on when she’s older for both her and me. I don’t remember much of what I got for birthday’s as a child and I wish I could! I blogged last year about her 7th birthday which is the first time since she was 2 that I think I’ve recorded what she got and what she did but I’m making it an annual goal to record both kids birthday’s because I love looking back.

Vega 360 Telescope – Eloise is very into space and stars so I had to get this from Wicked Uncle. This beauty has up to 80x magnification so she can look at the moon and the stars to her hearts content. It’s really light too so she can move it about easily too.

What El says“I think this is really cool because I can see the moon!”

BRIO Labyrinth Game – We are huge fans of the film The Labyrinth so this intrigued me tenfold. While this isn’t filled with fantastic characters such as Hoggle, Ludo or the bog of eternal stench the idea is the same; you have to guide a little marble around the labyrinth! I love how retro the game looks, Eloise is very into her vintage and retro bits and bobs so I think she will love this!

What El Says “Although it is hard, I do really like it because I enjoy playing it with Mum and Dad.”

The Series of Unfortunate Events – She’s on book 5 already but her Grandma bought her the rest of the set because she’s getting through these books so quickly! I remember reading these as a kid and it’s such a warm fuzzy feeling to see your kids enjoy the same books that kept you up past your bedtime too.

What El says“I really enjoy reading these and learning what the Baudalaire’s feel when Count Olaf follows them and keeps trying to steal their fortune.”

Plug and Play Retro Games – Ben is most excited about this one I think, haha! Eloise has always been very into video games with her ultimate faves being Minecraft, Roblox and Skyrim so it wouldn’t be a birthday in this house without some sort of game gift. This little thing has 200 games included and you just plug it in your TV and off you go.

What El says“I really love it because I have never played games like these before and they’re really fun, cool and old fashioned.”

Stars and Planet Science Kit – Another science themed present, this one has 11 experiments to do including the physics behind rocket launches and why plants don’t grow on other planets. This will be fantastic for home ed and El will love it!

What El says“I think this is cool and I’m really excited to do the experiments.”

Apollo Woodland Charm Bike – My sister got this one. Eloise loves bike riding although she does have to be careful about her knees. Her last bike was a little worse for wear and she struggled with it but since having this she has come on so much! I think having a brand spanking new bike has helped matters. This was from Halfords and we also have a 6 week check booked in for them to check it over and adjust anything that needs adjusting which I thought was really great!

What El says“It is fun and fun and fun and fun!”

Heelys – El’s wanted a pair of Heelys for the longest time! We went fore the x2 Fresh black and pink ones from Skates, these have 2 wheels instead one one which mean they are better for beginners by preventing kids going too fast in them so these are perfect for El.

What El says“OMG YES!”

Juniper: The Happiest Fox – This is possibly the cutest little book I’ve ever seen, this was a gift from Els Great Grandma and the pictures are so, so beautiful and Eloise adores animals. It’s about a little snaggle toothed fox who is absolutely gorgeous. The little paw print flowers on the inside are so lovely.

What El says“The fox is really cute and look really friendly. I also am excited to read this book!”

Flowers and cake…

I also have a couple of traditions when it comes to the girls’ birthdays, one where I write a mini letter inside their cards and the other where I buy both girls a bouquet for their birthdays. I love flowers and bought Eloise a bunch of tulips for her 1st birthday and it’s kind of stuck since. Last year she had some beautiful coral peonies which I managed to get hold of this year too but we went for a more mixed bouquet this time!

Cake wise El usually goes for something elaborate, her initial design was basically a fucking wedding cake and didn’t adhere to the laws of gravity so we had a look on Pinterest and found some ideas she liked. It had to include chocolate and sprinkles with some drip icing like last year. The finished products consisted of six layers…yes six…alternating between vanilla and chocolate sponge with vanilla and chocolate hazelnut icing in between.

She got u at the arse crack of dawn and had jelly for breakfast then spent the day bike riding, playing in the park, seeing family. Her requested birthday dinner was ham and pineapple pizzas (because we all know pineapple belongs on pizza), garlic bread, jelly and cake because what’s a birthday without pizza, am I right?

And just like that, we have an 8 year old.

29 responses to “Eloise Turns 8 Years Old!”

  1. Lynne Madden says:

    Such Beautiful pictures! They grow up so fast but are always still
    Our babies xx

  2. Veronika says:

    Wow! She is beautiful! Time goes too fast ❤️

  3. Caitylis says:

    Oh wow she’s so grown up now I just can’t believe it. I saw all the images on Facebook and over Instagram on her birthday and you threw her the most beautiful instagramable party. She looks so lovely, I bet you’re super proud!
    Much love, Caitylis

  4. Beautiful photographs showing how your gorgeous girl has gone from an adorable little baby to a big 8 year old girl. Lovely tradition of giving your children flowers for their birthday. It’s shocking how quick they grow up, my eldest turned 7 last month and I still can’t quite believe it!

  5. I love all her geeky gifts!! Exactly how all girls should be treated, with knowledge!!

  6. Caz says:

    Wow the cake looks amazing, kids grow way to fast but I love how you have recorded this she will love looking back when she’s older ❤️

  7. I love that you included her opinion on her presents, that’s so sweet. I hope she had a lovely day.

  8. Awww time goes by so fast! Feels like Amelia was just born but in no time we’ll be celebrating her second birthday! Gorgeous photos as always babe xx

  9. It sounds like she had a wonderful birthday, I can’t imagine Freddie being this old but I’m sure it will creep up on me! Amy X

  10. Rachel Evans says:

    What gorgeous photos! They grow up way too quickly don’t they!!

  11. Mandi says:

    Wow I love that you buy flowers that is adorable. Yes, I agree the time just disappears and before you know it they are at university! Enjoy every moment. Happy birthday Eloise!

  12. Lisa says:

    My daughter just celebrated her 2nd birthday, I can’t imagine her 8th! I bet it really has flown by. Also buying your daughter flowers? YES MAMA. I love that, going to steal it when she’s big enough to appreciate them! x

  13. Georgina Clarke says:

    Happy Birthday to an absolute BEAUT!

  14. awwwww the cutest post ever. I know she had lovely birthday because she has the best mama but it was great to read. I think im going to start buying Kourtney flowers on her bday as i like the sentiment. Awwww hats off to you Gee xx

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