May 7, 2018

May 2018 Goals

May Goals…

I love this time of year, the excitement of the Summer creeping closer and although I love the cosiness of Winter, it feels like an age ago and I’m well and truly ready for some sun! The bright mornings when you wake up with the morning sun spilling through the curtains and the smell of the summer night air 100% does it for me and I’m so excited! I’m also so excited to be seeing you guys get inspired by these posts (I was inspired by Kate La Vie!) and started your own! Spread the inspiration guys! Check out this post from Lucie Loves It, those stats tho!

01. Make the most of the sunshine – If the weather forecast is correct then we are due some sun this week, fucking finally! Lily has been bored as hell being stuck in the house because of the rain and she’s be an utter nightmare if the truth be told. Looking now we have a good week of semi decent weather and I want to get outside with the kids and just enjoy it. God knows I need some vitamin D to help combat SAD and send it packing on the fuck off train to get fucked.

02. Buy the girls some summer clothes – The kids have a tonne of clothes but naturally they have loads of one thing and have hardly any of another which means I need to have a big sort through and get them some new bits and pieces. I am really loving the summery clothes coming out this season, especially H&M and Next! Next really haven’t done it for me kids clothes wise for ages so I’m super excited for all the lovely bits in there at the moment!

03. Get a bit more creating with Insta stories – While I love having a good unedited moan on my stories I do like posting a lot of photos too. I really want to try and jazz them up a bit, not all of them because I want to keep the “insta” in my instastories but here and there I want to include some pretty, thought out posts that would ordinarily not get posted. I have missed playing around on photoshop and there is only so much you can do to a regular old photograph so this feeling like it could be a lovely creative outlet for me!

04. Start Slimming World – Since having Lily I’ve found it super hard to lose weight, well, I say that but I haven’t actually actively tried to lose any weight because I figured I’d get lucky like I did after Eloise and drop the weight whilst doing absolutely fuck all. That was apparently wishful thinking because I’ve lost hardly anything and quite frankly, I’m fucking sick of not of my clothes fitting over my arse. Slimming World seems like the best option because it appears to be the least restricting. I always avoid actual diets because they trigger me too much but Slimming World seems to be about healthy eating more than anything and although I’m not officially “overweight” according to my BMI, I don’t feel like myself at this weight.

05. Take more photos – Now the weather is picking up and the blossom is out there are so many photo opps I don’t want to miss so I’m making it a goal in the hope it’ll kick me up the arse enough to get my camera out.

06. Buy some plants for the garden – I want a garden full of life, especially during the summer! I really want a lovely wisteria up the side of the wall to encourage the butterflies although I will need to wait a bit to plant that but I also want to plant some strawberry plants before it’s too late and some roses and other pretty bits and bobs too. Basically I want to plant everything. I absolutely want a little magnolia tree too but that may have to wait for now because I’m afraid a little sapling will get annihilated by the kids. Maybe an apple tree too because I adore apple blossom. Ben came home today with a sweet pea plant, 2 lavender plants and a little pepper plant so I’ve already started this one!

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What are your goals for this month?

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  1. Rachel says:

    My goals would definitely be to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. The weather has been lovely other the weekend and it’s been so nice to be outdoors!

  2. Such great goals! I might have to set myself some goals for May x

  3. Veronika says:

    Take more photos! I’m working on that one too. Time goes too fast

  4. Jess says:

    The fuck off train to get fucked
    Good luck with your May goals! I love this idea of documenting them xx

  5. Caitylis says:

    Buy some summer clothes. That is what I NEED to do. Both for me and Theodore really. Everything I own is long, black or a jumper. And everything he has is thick and long sleeved!
    I’m so jealous of your blog right now, every time I come on here I’m like whyyyyy is she so good. Honest I’m annoyed at you currently Gee. Stop being so creative.
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    • Gee Gardner says:

      My wardrobe is the opposite, it’s mainly summer clothes that my arse and tits dont fit into anymore haha!

      Oh caitylis shhh, your blog and photography are actual goals but I love you for being so nice <3

  6. Some great goals. We have been buying the kids summer clothing too and I am determined to step up my weight loss ready for the summer. Good luck with your May goals.

  7. These goals are so good, and actually achievable which makes them so much more worthwhile. Definitely stealing the get outside one!!

  8. Caz says:

    Awww I wish I was a better gardener I have a habit of ober loving them with water for forgetting about them.

    Sunshine hold on to with both hands bec we don’t see it enough

  9. I really want to start slimming world too, but nobody is around to go at the time that I could, so I may have to brave it alone which scares me rigid.

    • Gee Gardner says:

      I’m also braving it alone because I’m too much of a wimp to go on my own! Also shitting myself about it because I’m so clueless! Going to have to do a lot of reading up I think! x

  10. Such great goals and yay thank you for the mention! 😀

    I’ve just started back on Slimming World, been on it a week and lost 5lbs! Totally in the zone!

    We got this!!! xx

  11. I love these sorts of posts, I might join in next month! We have had some excellent bargains plant wise- picked up lots discounted in the Homebase sale last year and they have done so well! Amy X

  12. Mandi says:

    Love this time of year, all the trees and flowers are in bloom, I will be out gardening loads with my family, I look forward to the school holidays too so life slows down a little bit.

  13. Lisa says:

    I love your goals! I really want to join slimming world myself as it worked really well for me last time but I have to wait for checks from my doctors about my stomach. I really need to take more photo’s too. I take a lot of them without really thinking about the use of space ect and I need to push that! Good luck x

  14. Georgina Clarke Blog says:

    I am loving IG stories at the mo! How are you getting on with your goals?

  15. Love your insta stories so would love to see more . The GDPR one was so useful and i was so grateful. Great goals, how did you get on? Your so inspiring seriously. xx

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