May 22, 2018

My Blogging Equipment

One of the first blogging related questions people think about when starting out is what equipment they’re going to need. Realistically you only need an internet connection and a phone but there will come a point in every bloggers journey when it’s questioned whether that really is enough. If you’re a hobby blogger then yes, an iPhone is enough but if you’re wanting to take blogging more seriously and make a business out of it then realistically you need some good equipment under your belt. I was lucky in the fact I’d already studied media and photography so I had quite a bit of kit before I started blogging 7 years ago.

iPhone 8

I upgraded my iPhone to an 8 not long ago and it’s probably one of my most used out of all of my blogging equipment. I use it to reply to emails on the go, manage my social media accounts, promote my blog posts and videos, everything! I think this is probably my most important item in this whole post!

Canon 600D

This is what I use for most of my flat lays and sit down YouTube stuff. It’s a cracking little camera, well, it’s a DSLR so it’s not little but yeh. I love it. The screen twists round so you can frame shots a load easier if you’re using it for filming YouTube videos or taking make up look photos, etc. I have a couple of lenses for this which I alternate between depending on what sort of photos I’m taking. Despite us collectively owning more Nikons than we do anything else, I  much prefer the “feel” of Canon cameras, they are chunkier but feel less plasticky to me. The video of a canon always looks a lot softer than Nikon which I prefer although I’ve always been told that Canon are best for videography whereas Nikon are best for photography but I have to disagree. I much prefer the softness of a canon over the sharpness of a Nikon.

Nikon D3100

This is one of Ben’s cameras and yeh I know, I know, I just basically slated Nikons but we have a telephoto lens for this which is amazing so I take this out and about to take photos of the kids because let’s face it, they’re going to bugger off far into the distance before I have a chance to focus anyway. I am doing a photography equipment post at some point where I will go into more depth about the lenses and things that I use so I won’t waffle on now.

MacBook Pro

This is probably one of the most expensive items I own gadget wise. My MacBook Pro is my tech baby and my everyday laptop. I write my blog posts on this, admin related bits and pieces and to quick edit my photos. MacBooks are definitely worth the extra pennies in my opinion. I love mine and although it killed me to replace the charger it has lasted me longer than any laptop I’ve ever owned (which is a lot). The design is nicer, it’s faster and basically once you switch to anything Apple there isn’t any going back because let’s face it, Apple are where it’s at. I’m hoping this doesn’t jinx it and I end up with my beloved Macbook giving up the ghost on me because my purse will probably keel over and die myself at the thought of replacing it.


I use this primarily to edit my YouTube videos, I do occasionally use it to edit my photos but haven’t in a while because I still haven’t updated Lightroom on there. I am absolutely terrible at updating things and I definitely click “remind me later” about a billion times before I actually update the damn thing.

Portable Hard Drive

Blog photos take up a shit tonne of space and if you don’t want your computer to cripple under the sheer digital weight of your flat lays then a portable hard drive is a must. I have the 1TB WD Elements, it has like 50k photos on and isn’t anywhere near full. I also have a bunch of naked hard drives I’ve taken out of old laptops that I use for emergencies too but obviously that isn’t ideal.


This is quite possibly the most important thing you could have when it comes to blogging equipment and gadgets but I think most people overlook the need for this, I know I did! I asked twitter and 76% of people that voted didn’t have insurance for their gadgets.

A MacBook or DSLR can cost a bomb to replace if they are damaged or stolen and I think most of us can agree that our bank accounts would absolutely hate us if that happened. Insurance is a must have when it comes to your home but a washing machine or fridge freezer are quite often the fraction of the cost of a DSLR so why are we insuring those but not equipment we rely on all day every day because let’s be honest, I’d rather be without a dishwasher than my phone.

Switched On Insurance

Switched On Insurance offers cover for things like mobile phones, tablets, cameras, games consoles, laptops and even sat navs from as little at £3 a month. You can get cover for a single or multiple gadgets and get a discount by insuring multiple items on a single policy.

The insurance comes in at three different levels starting with Standard which covers you for accidental damage, Premium which covers you for accidental damage and worldwide theft and Ultimate covering you for worldwide loss of your gadgets in addition to everything that the previous two cover (see their website for more details).

Do you have your gadgets insured?

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  1. Georgia says:

    I SO want an MacBook for my blogging!! I currently just use my iPad and a Bluetooth keypad to make types easier, but I feel that I could really do with a proper laptop set up!!

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